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oh i need to get under the sun more! I look so pale!
I only speak five french words and it would have really helped us if I just tried to learn some more before we went to Marseille. Very few people can speak in english though they tried really hard to help us with directions. The first person I asked for directions was the bus driver who drove us from the airport. I asked how to go to Prado and he didn't understand me first since I pronounced it "pra-doe" instead of something like "prah-doh". He told me the directions and I kept on saying "Yeah, Okay, Merzeee.." while he was talking but I actually didn't understand a word since he was speaking in French. He did pointed out his hand while talking so at least I knew where to start. Hehe.
statue of Madonna and Child on top of Notre Dame de la Garde

At the train station, we did get some more help from two french teenagers (who I should give credit for trying their best in telling us, in their almost there english, what bus number we should get on) and this really nice american lady who lives there. She told us that one of the metro (subway) lines is not working and also helped us in buying our tickets. So finally we got on the metro but screwed up again and went the opposite way so we had to go back again and due to the rush of catching the train I lost my one day ticket and had to buy another one. We got off at Castellane and got on the bus there. We met a Filipina lady inside the bus and she offered us some help in finding our hotel but I didn't want to trouble her so I said we can manage.
beautiful sunny Marseille
We got off the bus and felt lost again but good thing we met another Filino guy who was with us in the bus and helped us find our way to the hotel.

So we left our bags in our hotel room and headed to the city to find a place to eat. The guy who helped us, who we called Kuya (means brother), was with us and we ate in the chinese restaurant. After that, we walked around and I have noticed that it we came at a bad time because it was almost desserted and all the stores were closed (bcoz it's sunday). It was a nice city though a bit dirty and so many roads and streets were under construction. It's almost like a ghost city but it just wasn't. I then remembered that France was having an election that time so maybe that's why the city wasn't so alive because it was a holiday.
view of Marseille from Notre Dame de la Garde
. ?? I was just expecting more from the 2nd largest city of France. Anyway, we walked all the way to the Vieux port and later on went back to our hotel and had some sleep.

April 23 2007

After having 'breakfast' (mere bread and marmalade and water) we went off to see Marseille. Our first plan was to see the beach so we got on the bus that we thought would take us there. I have to mention that most people that we were at the bus with would always say "Merci" to the bus driver when they get off and I found that really kind of them. I'm loving the locals more and more. Anyway, we finally saw the beach. It was wonderful and the sun was nice and hot but we didn't take a swim. I didn't prepare for it, unfortunately. We walked around and took pictures whenever we saw something interesting.
I couldn't help but notice a lot of men jogging around with their extremely short shorts (and not just on the beach but almost everywhere in the city) but as long as they're hot I've got no complains or whatsoever *hihi*.. We had lunch on one of the nice restaurants along the beach.

Then we met Kuya again and went back to the hotel to check out. Kuya was so kind to let us leave our bags at his apartment. At some point I was doubting his kindness to us but felt guilty in the end because he really meant us no harm. We were lucky to have him help us.

So me and Phydie resumed the tour and went to city center and to the Vieux port again. My view of Marseille has improved and I think it's a beautiful ciity plus the people are so lovely and nice. Lots of people were hanging out there at the restaurants enjoying the sun.
view from the Notre Dame de la Garde
Had some break in Mcdonald's before we went to the bus stop that will take us to the Notredame de la Garde but we got on the wrong bus. We only realized that only when we got off at the last stop and saw no signs of the church. So we went back down to the port again and checked which bus would really take us there.

But before that, we had a toilet break at Burger King or Mcdo (can't remember which one) and that's where the highlight of Phydie's Marseille trip had happened. We were both in the cr when I heard her scream and I later found out that some guy opened the cubicle of where she was at and saw her doing, you know whatever is she is doing, and the guy even came back and opened the door again to say sorry. Phydie said he was also shocked and embarassed as she was.
Vieux Port
I have two thinsg in my mind about that though .. 1) Why didn't she closed the door? (I think she said she forgot.. ) and 2) Why would that guy go to a women's comfort room? I'll never know for sure. Hehe..

The guys in Marseille are really good looking and most have a really nice tan. If I would live there that would be because of the guys that are just so hot! hehe. There are a couple of times when a guy from a moving car (one was even a police) would smile at us and I would also smile back and I only did so because they are in the car and that was just it. Hmmm you got it? *bad writing* hehe.

So finally we were at the Notre Dame de la Garde. The best part of Marseille for us. It's a beautiful church situated on top the of hill and from there you will have a panoramic view of the city.
Marseille at night
The bus will exactly stop there (I think the bus number is 41 but I'm not so sure so please do check because it's tiring to go all the way down the city to catch the right bus again)... We went inside the church, there were two floors and the second one is bigger and that's where masses are held, and said some prayers. It was peaceful up there and really solemn. Just the right place to build up a church.

When we got back down to the city we checked out a couple more sights. At one time this drunk guy approached us and said that before he was a very good painter and blah blah.. Then he started asking for money so he could feed his poor dog and I started getting scared when he was forcing us to give him the money. So we walked away from him before he could start doing some bad things on us. And then there were also these 3 teenage guys/boys who have stalked us while we were looking for the arch. At the end I got really scared when they just wouldn't leave us. Thank goodness for Kuya again because when we met up with him, they suddenly disappeared.

We got our bags back and were able to catch the last bus to the aiport. We said our goodbyes and heartfelt thanks to Kuya for saving us from so much troubles.

We spent a brutal night at the airport since our flight was so early the next day. It was a cold night and there wasn't any place to sleep at. I slept for 5 minutes but woke up really cold and uncomfortable so I decided to just let the time pass and wait for out flight to board.
sylviandavid says:
What a lot of adventures..... Glad you were safe at the end.... that's the trouble with a strange town it's so easy to wander into a bad area and not know it until it gets creepy....
Posted on: Nov 04, 2007
sankeyd says:
hey nice post, am going to south france this week, and i don't speak much french either :D
looking forward to a good trip.. any suggestions?
Posted on: Nov 04, 2007
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oh i need to get under the sun mor…
oh i need to get under the sun mo…
statue of Madonna and Child on top…
statue of Madonna and Child on to…
beautiful sunny Marseille
beautiful sunny Marseille
view of Marseille from Notre Dame …
view of Marseille from Notre Dame…
view from the Notre Dame de la Gar…
view from the Notre Dame de la Ga…
Vieux Port
Vieux Port
Marseille at night
Marseille at night
photo by: voordax