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harbour of Hamburg
(april 19 2007 after arriving from Bremen)

It was almost midnight when Phydie and I walked around the St. Pauli's district of Hamburg. That road is packed with clubs and is the center of the nightlife in the city but the other attractions that you can find there are the sex shops. It is actually also called in german 'die s√ľndige Meile' (The Sinful Mile in english)..

We walked until we reached the harbour, which was totally desserted (I guess everyone is at the clubs in St. Pauli), and stayed for only half an hour and then went home because I was already feeling the need of a rest.

(april 20 2007)

The next day, we roamed around Hamburg. We checked out the harbour again and well there were some ships, boats and ferries.
Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)
I also found a number of restaurants and souvenir shops along the river. We got on one of the boats or ferries (i dont know exactly) and, though it was really windy and cold, we enjoyed whatever we saw along the cruise. We got off somewhere at the farther side of Hamburg and walked around the area where rich people live. We went to the center of the city by bus and had some hotdogs.

We walked along the shopping district and then to my favorite parts of the city, the Rathaus (City Hall) and the central promenade Jungfernstieg. There was a small lake (one of the two artificial lakes in the city) in that area called the Binnenalster and I really loved it. Very pretty and it is nice to just hang around and have a relaxing time at that place.

When we got tired, we went back home and had some sleep (I didn't get any sleep even though I tried to).
a street performer in front of the rathaus
Later that night we went to the Dome Carnival and had some fun. We got on the ferris wheel and luckily, when we stopped at the top of the ride, we were able to watch some fireworks from the harbour. Just before we went home, we bought this candy called the Love Apple and I only ate like 1% of it because I don't really have a sweet tooth. We then noticed that we were being looked at a lot by people passing by and we later found out that our lips were so red from licking/eating the candy. Hehe. After watching some more fireworks in the carnival, we went home (the subways were soooo crowded that night that we had to really squeeze ourselves inside) and had some more rest. It was freezing cold that night!

(april 21 2007)

Phydie went to work and I visited her at the train station where she was working.
cherry blossoms in Hamburg
Her co-worker showed me how to get to the Japanese Garden and Plantation nearby so I made my way there. I enjoyed walking along the park and taking lots of pictures of the flowers and everything else that I saw. There was supposed to be water on the streams there but I don't know why it was all dry at that time. After my camera lost it's battery I hopped on the bus and went to the city center. I went around the area of the Rathaus again and then to the shopping district.

I met Phydie at the Central Station and looked around the city together. We went home early to have enough rest for our trip the next day.

(april 22 2007)

It was a nice sunny day and finally getting warm when we left Hamburg. We drove to the airport in Luebeck for our trip to Marseille...

I was sick all this time and had a really bad cold but I made it!! I had fun and it was quite an experience ^^ I loved the cherry trees in Hamburg! The beauty of spring ^^

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harbour of Hamburg
harbour of Hamburg
Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)
Hamburg Rathaus (Town Hall)
a street performer in front of the…
a street performer in front of th…
cherry blossoms in Hamburg
cherry blossoms in Hamburg
fireworks on the harbour
view fro…
fireworks on the harbour view fr…
german for I Love You
german for I Love You
photo by: Petitsing