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Entrance to a mine.

We left Rachel and continued on the Extraterrestial Highway towards Tonopah.  At the end of the highway, at a T-junction, was a town called Warm Springs.  With puzzled looks we counted one... two... ok, two whole buildings making up the town of Warm Springs.  As we chuckled in amusement someone noticed a mine-entry in the side of the hill.  Of course we went to check it out.

We left the highway and drove up to the mine and got out to take a look.

While looking around we noticed a stream with lots of steam coming out of it.  Well now we know why this town is called Warm Springs.  We all went over to feel the water and yes it actually was warm.  Warm as bath water.

The water was as warm as bath water.

One of the guys gets the notion to try and find where the spring is so he takes off running upstream.  Like lemmings we take off too.  Eventually I remember "hey, we have a vehicle" and turn around and run back to the rental minivan and drive it after the guys up the hill.

We did eventually find the spring.  You can notice in one of the pictures how far up the hill we went to find it.  The water coming out of the ground was HOT.  None of us could keep our hands in it for very long.  So of course, being guys, we had a contest to see who could keep their hands in the water the longest.  Brum won, and his hand should be fine by next week.

After getting our fill of exploring we all got back into the minivan and continued our drive towards Tonopah.

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Entrance to a mine.
Entrance to a mine.
The water was as warm as bath wate…
The water was as warm as bath wat…
The source of the spring.
The source of the spring.
We had to drive a ways to find the…
We had to drive a ways to find th…
At the western end of The Extrater…
At the western end of The Extrate…
Warm Springs
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