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My second TB meet.  We all met at The Jade Bar (downstairs).  Really dark, really loud, kinda small.  It was great. 

There is some kind of common-bond between TB'ers that, when you meet, you're instant friends.  You spend time msg-ing back and forth with people you've never met.  You've only seen them in their pictures.  But when you meet them, it's like you've known them for years.  I'm only here on the west coast for three more months and when I leave to go back to the east coast I sure am going to miss my west coast buddies.

But enough about that.

I flew from Las Vegas to San Francisco on US Airways.  While checking in at the airport I got the option to upgrade to first class for $50.  Score!  Enjoying my comfy seat I seat I started a movie playing on my iPod and settled in for the 1-hr ride to San Francisco.  Not a bad start.

I arrive at the airport and catch a taxi to my hotel, The Travelodge (north airport).  I found a room for $50 online.  I arrived a half-hour before check-in but the owner/operators checked me in and gave me my room key anyways.

When it was time to go to the meet-up I went to the front desk and they called a taxi for me.  Yellow cab I think it was.  There was crazy traffic on the 101 north, I am so glad I didn't drive.  The cab ride was $40 and, after I provided the cross street, dropped me off right in front of Jade Bar.

There were about a bajillion people there that night.  If you didn't/couldn't make it, you missed out on a great time.  But no worries, there's another meet-up in Orange County, in Feb, courtesy of Angelbaby. 

I have no idea who all showed up but I bet Mark does (travelman727).  He takes roll.  I wonder if there's an award for perfect attendance?

As soon as I walked in I saw X-Drive and Mrs. X-Drive (hummingbird, I think).  I said hello to them and looked up and saw travelman727.  Man that dude is everywhere.  Mark is truly a TB Ambassador.  I little while later another familiar face comes in, Lauri (travelbugg).  Tall six-foot blonde, you can't miss her.  Being fashionably late was the duo of Erin (poohstanggt) and Scott (not a TB'er yet, but Erin's working on him).  Those are the TB'ers I know personally.

For brand new friends, I met portia (david's mom.  yes, "the" david's mom).  I also met Lynn (lynnc) and Julz (mzjulz85).  You make a friend at every meet-up.  I also met Amit, Jay, another Will, and Catalina.  We all thought Mark traveled the farthest until we found out Catalina came up from Ecuador.

After a while the party broke up into its little groups.  The foodies went out to grab their obligatory bites to eat.  The partyers went in search of another bar.  And the flew-in-from-vegas'er went back to his hotel.

At the hotel, actually attached to it, is a 24-hr Ihop.  Like a moth to a flame I went in through the front doors and grabbed a menu.  The good people have take-away and I ordered some kind of ultimate steak and everything-else-in-the-kitchen combination omelet.  With extra salsa.  This is not an omelet you want to eat if you're concerned about cholestorol.  I could feel my arteries hardening while carrying it back to my room.  Eating this, this late at night, I know I'm going to pay for it in the morning.  But I just got back from a good time, I've got food, and I'm watching some pretty cool cartoons on the t.v.  Man, this is living.

X_Drive says:
Sounds like your omelet was the "gluton for punishment" variety. But sounds good. :)
Posted on: Jan 20, 2008
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