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bye-bye Maria!

Went to the ranch one last time to say goodbye and pet Maria one last time, then made the drive to San Antonio.

Getting out of San Antonio turned out to be quite the adventure.  The night before, I glanced at my PDA and saw that my departing flight was for 1130 the next morning.  Cool.  I can sleep in late.  After a leisurely morning we eventually checked out of the Holiday Inn and dropped off the rental car.  We took the shuttle to the airport and made our way to the counter.  When I tried to check in at the kiosk the machine told me I had to see an attendant.  When I spoke with the attendant she informed me that we had missed our flight?  Confused, I told her that we were hours early.  Somehow, my PDA messed up the flight time and recorded a 0830 flight as 1130.

Our flight had been gone for hours.

She checked flight availability and put us on the next flight, which was due to depart at 1:30 in the afternoon.  We decided to head back to the hotel, ask for an extended check-out, and just hang out in our rooms until time to go.  The Holiday Inn was very accomodating and let us back into our rooms, no problem.

After checking out the second time, we rode the hotel shuttle back to the airport, went through security, and made our way to the departure gate.

After spending some time at the gate we were informed that our flight out was delayed.  Our flight plan was from San Antonio to Phoenix, then from Phoenix to Las Vegas, with an hour layover in between.  We were pretty sure we'd miss our connector so we spoke to the gate agent and she went ahead and booked us on the later flight from Phoenix to Vegas, just in case.

After an hour or so, our plane arrived and decided to rush the turnaround, because of the number of people needing to make connections.  Everyone got onto the plane and we started on our way.

Yep, we arrived late, but not as late as you'd expect.  And... when we got off the plane we saw that our conecting flight was the next gate over.  very lucky.  We went to the gate and showed our tickets but the ticket lady said we were too late.  We figured the plane had already taken of but she said no the plane was right there.  It has just finished loading and they were closing ther hatch as we watched.  Missed plane #2.

Long story short, we got on the next flight home and made it back to vegas safe and sound.  A lot later than we expected but still.  Oh, and surprisingly, our luggage made it back with us.  I'm as shocked as you are. 


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bye-bye Maria!
bye-bye Maria!