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Curaçao has many beautiful birds. Troupials, Gulls, Owls, Flamingos, Herons, Egrets, Parakeets, Parrots, Fregatebirds, etc. etc. But today we saw, touched, and even fed several birds of a different category, ostriches and emus!

On the north eastern part of Willemstad one can find the Curaçao Ostrich Farm. As the name already indicates, this is the home of ostriches. The farm is breeding the huge walking birds mainly for their delicious meat, but it also has an educational role by organizing tours for tourists.

Feeding the young ostriches (photo: Sana van Iddekinge)
 The farm aims to work as environmentally as possible and tries to breed and house the sympathetic birds as good as possible. In that sense it is absolutely not a meat factory.

We were placed in a huge jeep together with about eight other guests and got a tour on the premises. Our enthusiastic guide explained the difference between ostriches and emus: an ostrich has only two toes, while the emu has three. Emus are slightly smaller and lay green eggs. He also explained that ostriches are not particularly smart. They could easily step through the fences of their pastures but simply do not get the idea to do so. We were also given the possibility to feed the birds, look at (and stand on) an ostrich egg, and see the freshly hatched babies.

More pictures below! Deze fake-tekst heb ik toegevoegd om net iets meer regels te genereren zodat deze rare website toestaat dat de bijgesloten foto ook vertoond wordt. Deze fake-tekst heb ik toegevoegd om net iets meer regels te genereren

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Feeding the young ostriches (photo…
Feeding the young ostriches (phot…
Two toes! -> Ostrich!
Two toes! -> Ostrich!
Our truck
Our truck
Ostriches are not smart enough to …
Ostriches are not smart enough to…
A baby emu
A baby emu
Female ostrich (photo: Sana van Id…
Female ostrich (photo: Sana van I…
Curacao Ostrich Farm - Curacao
photo by: mdalamers