My car got 'stolen'!!!!

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See the original and less original pictures below!

Last weekend my beautiful Blue Mazda got "stolen"! One moment is was nicely parked between the trees and bushes with full autumn colors and one moment later it was completely gone....

Fortunately I still own the riding machine. The "theft" of the car was only virtual and with no harm or any other bad intensions. The car was only removed from a picture.... 

What am I talking of? A fellow Travelbuddy "X_Drive" is an avid Photo shopper. And he really knows his hobby. Give him a picture and he applies his Photoshop skills. I commented on a remarkable job he did by virtually removing some scaffolding from a Java temple: see here. X_Drive was so kind to modify one of my photos as well. He took the picture of my car at the Platte Clove road in the Catskill Mountains taken in October last year (see here), and he just removed the whole car. For the record, he only got the original photo with the car, so he restored all the autumn branches etc behind the car. Amazing huh? (See X_Drive's original log entry here.)

I put both pictures in one frame, the originals can be seen below.

Thanks X-Drive!


X_Drive says:
Okay, I guess as I drove off the large sheet of paper I left telling you that I had rented your car for a short time must have blown away, so now you need to inform the local police and send them out to get me. But I have cleverly hidden the car beneath those billions of beautiful fall leaves and no one will ever locate it!! LOL
Posted on: Mar 29, 2011
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See the original and less original…
See the original and less origina…
The original picture
The original picture
The manipulated picture
The manipulated picture
photo by: Fitnessguru729