The Space Shuttle has arrived in town!

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The Enterprise above North Brother Island, I could have seen this from my living room! (Photo:

The Space Shuttle is a very well know phenomenon from the past and this century. Everybody remembers the historic first flight of the Space Shuttle Columbia, the dramatic explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger, and later another accident destroying the Columbia.

The Space Shuttle Enterprise was actually the first shuttle ever built. It was not equipped with a motor or functional heat shield and was only used for trainings. So, it is the only of the 6 shuttles that never went into space. Enterprise was originally meant to be named "Constitution", but a successful lobby of Star Trek fans changed that plan.

After its training use the shuttle visited several countries in America and Europe. In 1985 it got retired in Washington DC, and exposed in the Smithsonian Institute.

The Enterprise right above its future home, the USS Intrepid (photo: wikipedia)
With the retirement of the Space Shuttle program, in 2011, the Space Shuttle Discovery, was donated by NASA to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. The Enterprise was relocated to New York City to be exposed at the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum located on the USS Intrepid, at the West Side.

Today was the big day, the Enterprise was flown from Washington Dulles to New York JFK airport, at the back of a Boeing 747. Upon arrival the new toy was nicely presented to the New Yorkers by flying over the city. I was unfortunately in the office when that happened. Later I saw the picture attached to this blog on and I realized that I could have seen it from my living room... DAMN!

Deze fake-tekst heb ik toegevoegd om net iets meer regels te genereren zodat deze rare website toestaat dat de 

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The Enterprise above North Brother…
The Enterprise above North Brothe…
The Enterprise right above its fut…
The Enterprise right above its fu…
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