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As I reported earlier in one of my blogs, I am still looking for a place in New York to get the real Dutch Fries. Dutch fries, is what I consider the "French Fries" that are sold in The Netherlands. These Dutch Fries are slightly thicker than the French Fries, but less thick than the Belgian (Flemish) Fries.

I already tried Pommes Frites on Second Avenue (see here), which is pretty good but still does not make it. This is mainly because they are selling the thicker Flemish Fries.

Tonight, while walking to the subway after the first rehearsal of the season with Downtown Symphony, I all of a sudden saw a street vending car of "Frites'N'Meats". They advertized with the message that they sell "double fried Belgian style fries". So, I just had to try it.

And YES!!!! Although they are called Belgian style, the fires looked more like Dutch Fries, and more important, their taste approached them very well. While continuing my walk to the subway I enjoyed them. Like in Belgium and Holland, the fries were served in a cone shaped paper bag. When I was about to throw it in the trash can at the subway station, I discovered the bag had Dutch newspaper texts printed on it. At that time the subway just approached. So while my neighbors in the train were reading the New York Times and Financial Times I was sitting there reading ,... a Fries Bag!

NJTProadcruiser says:
I'll have to try Frites'N'Meats!! Thanks for sharing :)
Posted on: Oct 20, 2011
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photo by: Fitnessguru729