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from (at lunch time)

Hot!! What is hot? Everything is relative of course.

One thing I can assure you, a heat wave combined with extreme humid air can make it very unpleasant.

The past days have been pretty hot, but today we had the top of the heat wave. At lunch time we experienced 38° C (100 F). This is hot but not really hot. The humid air, however, made it feel like 46° C (115), which ís hot!. At lunch time, when I stepped out of the well air-conditioned office I was almost crushed by the hot blanket that fell upon me. The asphalt on the roads hot not molten (yet) but was about to, the whole city smelled like it had been recently paved.

The temperature rose 1 more degree centigrade today, to a new record of 39° C (102 F) recorded in Central Park. Newark in New Jersey even climbed to 44° C (110 F). During the nights the outside temperature did not fall below a sizzling 30° C (86 F). At some time today the power had failed at more than 7000 locations in the city.

I must say, it was very special to experience this. But I am glad that the temperatures go back to normal on Monday.

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from (at lunch tim…
from (at lunch ti…
photo by: Fitnessguru729