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The Old Navaho Bridge

It was very difficult to say goodbye to the Grand Canyon. I hiked way too long, stopped way to many times, so my progress with travelling to the State of Utah was rather limited. Just a few minutes before sunset I got as far as the Navaho Bridge.

The Navaho Bridge is actually two bridges. An old narrow one, and a more modern wider one. The old Navaho Bridge was constructed between 1927 and 1929 in order to allow traffic to conveniently cross the Colorado River. The only crossable place at that time was a ferry service nearby, called Lee's Ferry. Lee's Ferry operated on one of the few or maybe the only place of the Colorado River where the canyon was not that deep.

The both Navaho Bridges in HDR
Yet service was, because of flooding and other irregularities, not reliable. So, the bridge was constructed: 254 meters (834 feet) long, 5.5 meters (18 feet) wide, and 141 meters (464 feet) above the river. In the end it did not provide enough capacity, so from 1994 to 1997 a new bridge was constructed next to the old one: 277 meters (909 feet) long, 13 meters (44 feet) wide, and 143 meters (470 feet) above the river.
The old bridge remained in place and was named a Historic Civil Engineering Landmark and included in the National Register of Historic Places too.

I was just in time before darkness got a grip on the scenery and walked the old bridge and was able to take some pictures, with the camera set on 3200 ISO. When I returned to the car it was pitch dark. Time to continue my journey to Utah.

More pictures below.


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The Old Navaho Bridge
The Old Navaho Bridge
The both Navaho Bridges in HDR
The both Navaho Bridges in HDR
The New Navaho Bridge as seen from…
The New Navaho Bridge as seen fro…
The Old Navaho Bridge (l) end the …
The Old Navaho Bridge (l) end the…
Navaho Bridge - AZ
photo by: mdalamers