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First Avenue looking north. Note the queue of cars in the left lane, waiting to get the the gas station in the upper left corner.

For me and many people in the "bright zone" life is getting more and more back to normal. The subway is restored bit by bit and more and more. Yet there is still a major part suspended. The south of Manhattan and many other places are still out of power.

A new problem is arising: gasoline! It is running out due to lack of supplies and because many gas stations do not have power. No power --> nu pumps --> no gas! In New Jersey people are in line for about 3 hours now. 

This evening, when I looked out of the window that overlooks First Avenue I saw may cars driving slowly, bumper to bumper on the left lane of First Avenue. I could follow the queue all the way to 95th Street, where many police cars were located. It still did not ring a bell. I wondered why everybody did not go around that apparent collision. Later I realized that the infamous gas queues had also reached Manhattan. One was lining up from 82nd Street, 13 blocks to the gas station on 95th street.

The "dark zone" starting left of the United Nations building

Tonight I took the subway to Roosevelt Island and tried to get a picture of the border between the Dark and the Bright zones of Manhattan. It worked partially, the pictures do not show the sharp line because the "Upper East Side" of the dark zone houses many hospitals that show up illuminated due to generators.

For some really shocking pictures of the impact of Sandy, also in other places on the east coast, see this link!

More pictures below. Deze fake-tekst heb ik toegevoegd om net iets meer regels te genereren zodat deze rare website toestaat dat de bijgesloten

Dr_Seuss says:
Great to read a bit of first hand expeience of Hurricane Sandy. Glad you got off relatively lightly. Now the frezzing temperatures seem to be the problem according to the news here.
Posted on: Nov 03, 2012
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First Avenue looking north. Note t…
First Avenue looking north. Note …
The dark zone starting left of t…
The "dark zone" starting left of …
The dark zone starting left of t…
The "dark zone" starting left of …
photo by: Fitnessguru729