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The blue sky is coming back!

Well, that was a very interesting night, I must say! I was in intensive email contact with my APG colleagues during the night and got a very got view on how Sandy was experienced throughout Manhattan, throughout NYC, and throughout the tri-state area. The television informed me about all the things going on in the city.

Reading all the emails and receiving the news I realize how extremely lucky I was. No damage to my apartment (building), no flooding, no trees, no power loss, no internet loss, a chilled Coca-Cola at hand as well as some snacks.

All kind of horrible things happened. Floodings were everywhere, especially in the Rockaways (near JFK Airport), Staten Island and the southern tip of Manhattan. The Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel completely flooded. Several subway tubes as well as subway stations are flooded. The latter is really worrying since it can take weeks before this is repaired. During the night I was wondering who was taking pictures with flash, it turned out to be the electritity transforming stations that simply blew up due to short circuits. Outages were all over the place with a grand finale at Manhattan where the whole section south of 39th Street is without power and turned dark. Completely dark!

Most sad: there were several victims. One was killed because a tree falling on his house. Another because she stepped into a puddle of water near a transforming station and got electrocuted.

After 2am everything got quiet all of a sudden, like in Beethoven's 6th Symphony. I was even able to open the window of my bedroom during the night. This morning I spotted the first blue sky again. But, while typing this, the wind is back and it is raining again. The wind is now blowing from the other side.

First Avenue is dry and open again. The FDR drive is still closed. Many colleagues still report power losses.

Thanks to all friends, family, and NL colleagues for your kind emails and Facebook messages. Very much appreciated!

To be continued, if applicable.

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The blue sky is coming back!
The blue sky is coming back!
photo by: Fitnessguru729