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When I returned form Hawaii (blogs to follow) I learnt that a Hurricane was making its way to New York City. Last year I was able to escape Hurricane Irene, during my vacation to Alaska. This year I am not so lucky. Hurricane Sandy is making its way to the north and is expected to landfall somewhere in mid New Jersey. That is not exactly in New York but it does not seem to matter since the hurricane is so wide that it will hit New York City anyway.

I found emails by my landlord urging me to take all kind of precautions, like buying cans of food, bottles of water, filling the bath tub etc. My first response was "isn't this a bit of an overkill?". So, I checked my food and water and decided I was good.

Evacuations zones nearby my house. Zone A (red) is evacuated by now, B(yellow) and C (green) may follow later. I am JUST outside zone C.

Today when I wanted to buy some small groceries I found out my fellow New Yorkers are more serious about the event. There were long queues in front of the supermarkets, some of them around the corner of the block. And inside the supermarkets the shelves were mainly empty. Is this New York City or Moscow during the cold war era?

In the meantime I have followed the instructions. I charged all my batteries, filled the washing machine, the bath tub, buckets, bottles etc. with water. (If the power goes out, the pumps for water will die too.)

Later today I learnt that the APG office will be closed tomorrow and that the whole public transport network is going to be shut down at 7pm/9pm. President Obama has declared a state of emergency for the whole state of New York.

The city has issued a mandatory evacuation of the lower parts of the city, zone A. It seems that one of these zones is really close to me. See map attached.

In the meantime everything looks fine. There is some wind but it is not more than any other fierce winds I experienced in the city. The worst thing is coming tomorrow (Monday).

To be continued.

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Evacuations zones nearby my house.…
Evacuations zones nearby my house…
photo by: Fitnessguru729