Hawaii 2012 - Day 1: Two long flights

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More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of flying

A bit more than two years ago (see here) I visited the state of Hawaii, the youngest state in the Union, also know as The Aloha State. At that time out of curiosity. It led, however, to a hunger for more of this beautiful state.

Some may think, like me, that Hawaii is a small state. That is not the case! It ranks 43rd in the 50 states for total surface (outranking e.g. Vermont and Massachusetts). Looking at the population it evens ranks 40th, outranking e.g. Maine and again Vermont. So, a lot to visit!

During my last trip I had visited the islands of O'ahu, Maui, and Hawai'i (Big Island). The last two had a lot left to explore, and I wanted to see the oldest of all, the island of Kaua'i, too.

Almost there, view on the Big Island (rear) and Maui (front)
So, today I went there! My former colleague and USA travel fan Stephan decided to join me. He had been in the US for a week when I left, we would meet up in Los Angeles to catch the same flight to Lihue on the island of Kaua'i.

I arrived way in time at JFK Airport. Time enough to admire the old and iconic Pan Am World Port building, now better known as Delta Airlines Terminal 3. Delta is considering demolishing the building, efforts are underway to save the building, like its colleague, the TWA Flight Center.

I bridged the 3978 kilometers (2472 miles) between the NYC and LA. In LA I had less than two hours overlay. Just enough time to have a quick lunch, walk around a bit, and catch Stephan of his plane.

More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of flying
The short flight from Las Vegas to LA had apparently made him hungry. I saw him coming off the plane with hamburgers in his eyes. He did not see me and immediately headed towards the local McDonalds. After running half the terminal in his tracks I finally caught up with him when he was about to order his French fries.

Our plane left from the same gate where I arrived earlier, for another 4209-kilometer (2615 miles) flight. A dull one, because there is nothing to look at besides blue ocean or white clouds. Only when we arrived at the archipelago of Hawaii we had some nice views on the islands of Hawai'i (Big Island), Maui, Moloka'i, and Kaua'i.

We were greeted by the pleasant hot and humid air, so hot and humid that our cargo bay cooled suitcases were dripping with condensed water. Or rental car turned out to be a free upgrade since the ordered Economy car was not available.

After finding the hotel the only thing I could think of was: SLEEP!

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More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of …
More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of…
Almost there, view on the Big Isla…
Almost there, view on the Big Isl…
More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of …
More than 8000 km (5000 miles) of…
Observing the former Pan-Am World …
Observing the former Pan-Am World…
JFK Airport Terminal 3
photo by: mdalamers