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Happy New Year to all the readers of my weblog!

In order to make my weblog also accessible for non Dutch speakers (readers) I decided to, as per the beginning of this year, start writing my weblogs in English, or at least in something that looks like English. My apologies for any Double Dutch phrases or other strange expressions! Feel free to send in comments/suggestions!


2010 is the longest year I ever experienced. I was in New York during the year change and thus in the EST time zone, making 2010 six hours longer than all the other years I experienced. New Year's Eve in New York is quite an event. Americans do not have the fireworks tradition we know in the Netherlands. But, they prove that a good New Years party can also work without the money wasting fire works.

Street vendors selling New Year's stuff (picture: www.rachelleb.com)
At every corner of the street vendors were selling funny hats, special 2011 spectacles, confetti en horns. The closer midnight approached the more people in funny hats I encountered.

I did not go to the tourist filled Times Square. A million people were expected and the area had been locked down already really early.

My fellow expats had warned me that there is totally no fireworks in New York at New Year. Despite that information I still went to the roof of my apartment building, and to my delight I witnessed a 25-minute smashing fireworks show that must have been set somewhere above the Hudson. Yet it was really well visible from the roof.

Happy New Year to all of you. I hope I can also keep filling this weblog during the upcoming year.

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Street vendors selling New Years …
Street vendors selling New Year's…
photo by: Fitnessguru729