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I visited Fahnestock State Park several times in the past. It is not too far from the city and still a completely different world. Since the snow from our most recent Christmas Blizzard has not yet melted away, I was looking for a simple hike without too much climbing (and possible slipping). In this way I ended up with a hike I already did once, but in summer, the Heart of Fahnestock hike. And yes the contrast was like I expected it to be. No leaves on the trees, still a respectable amount of snow, frozen lakes. But strangely enough, no cold weather. The temperature was a pleasant at 11°C (52°F).

Last time I encountered a big black snake (see here) this time I only ran into a group of people who lost their way. After an effort with the map of my hiking book, my GPS, and Google Maps on my Blackberry I could point them in the right direction. The navigational service had taken way more time than I thought so I had to rush in order to make it back to my Mazda before sunset. I made it, but while changing my hiking boots a police car stopped at the parking and the officer informed me I had to leave. I was parked one meter next to the public road through the park. The parking, however, was part of the park, and since the park was closed I was breaking the law...

More pictures below.

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Canopus Lake
Canopus Lake
Fahnestock State Park - NY
photo by: mdalamers