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Jing Fong from the outside. It looks more like a theatre (photo: Bridge & Tunneclub)

Yesterday my colleague Lisa invited me to join her, her husband, and another colleague (Gerry) for a Dim Sum brunch in Chinatown. I had never eaten Dim Sum before, but heard so many good things of it that I definitively wanted to try it. Besides that my dinner experiences in Chinatown, after the concerts in the Oversea Chinese Mission, had always been excellent. And it is, of course, always nice to spend some time with nice people. So I gladly accepted.

I had been instructed to go to Restaurant Jing Fong located in a narrow street in Chinatown. From the outside it did not look like a restaurant at all, I had the feeling I was about to enter a cinema or a theatre.

The inside, the huge dining hall
This feeling was only supported when I entered through the front door. Instead of arriving in a restaurant I saw two huge escalators which transported me to the 1st floor (EU) / second floor (US). Here awaited yet another surprise, instead of a restaurant for 20 or maybe 50 people I ended up in a HUUUUGE soccer field-sized room dimensioned for hundreds (a thousand?) guests. And it was fully packed! We were so lucky to get one of the last available tables.

Dim Sum is a Cantonese word for food being served and eaten in small portions. A Cantonese version of the Spanish Tapas. It works like this: You sit down at your table. Tea is, of course, served. The waiters do not come to your table to take your order and you do not have a specific waiter assigned to your table. The waiters are walking through the restaurant pushing or dragging a cart with all kind of small dishes or little wooden containers. If you see something you like you tell the waiter who puts it on your table and places a specific stamp on a card which is located on your table. The card will later be used to calculate the check for your Dim Sum experience.

We had some really good Dim Sum dishes. After an hour or something like that, we left. While we traveled down the huge escalator we saw the hallway downstairs packed with people waiting to go up.

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Jing Fong from the outside. It loo…
Jing Fong from the outside. It lo…
The inside, the huge dining hall
The inside, the huge dining hall
photo by: Fitnessguru729