Container Progress #1: My belongings approaching NL, near (old) Jersey

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The Hanjin Phoenix approaching the Channel. Note the island of "old" Jersey on the lower right side

Yes! It is finally happening! My belongings have left the US! According to my relocator they have been shipped via the Korean Shipping Company Hanjin Shipping. The ship Hanjin Phoenix is currently taking care of my container. A rather huge ship it is! 284 meters (932 feet) long, 32 meters (105 ft) wide and 50,242 gross tonnage. Sailing under the Liberian flag.

The Hanjin Phoenix is not taking the shortest way from New York (actually New Jersey) to The Netherlands; after leaving the port of NY and NJ it first headed for the ports of Norfolk in the state of Virginia, and Charleston in the state of South Carolina. So, my furniture has been in a US state I have never been to....

Then, finally, the Phoenix crosses the Atlantic, to arrive in.... Antwerp Belgium, followed by Bremerhaven in Germany. And only then it sets sail to the Port of Rotterdam in The Netherlands.

The time table of "my" boat
In the meantime it crosses three times the Dutch Maritime borders.

I learnt the ship left New York on the 19th of November, and Charleston on the 23rd of November. It is expected to arrive in Antwerp on the 2nd of December. And only the 6th of December in Rotterdam.

In the meantime the ship has completed its cross Atlantic journey. It appeared on the ship tracker and today it is entering the English Channel, passing by the Island of Jersey ("Old Jersey").

Pictures of the Hanjin Phoenix are here they are all Copy Righted. I do not want to upset the owners and post their pictures here. Deze fake-tekst heb ik toegevoegd om net

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The Hanjin Phoenix approaching the…
The Hanjin Phoenix approaching th…
The time table of my boat
The time table of "my" boat
photo by: Linqueen