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Lindsay in Miraflores

A couple of weeks ago I sent a Bday Greeting to a TB in Chicago, who was coming soon to Lima. He’d stay just for 3 days in the country, but I told him he was coming in perfect time: National Holidays!!! He was supposed to arrive on Saturday night, but there was a problem with the flight and he arrived to Lima on Sunday afternoon. Well, it wasn’t too bad since the airline paid for the hotel, but the time is priceless, especially if you are in a short trip.

As we agreed, Lindsay let me know when he was at his hotel. He mentioned Miraflores and meeting wherever I wanted, mmm. Actually his hotel was closer to my house than Miraflores - in my way. So I decided to pick up him, also I didn’t want him to get lost in his first night in Lima.

new friends at Mangos
No way! He was so thankful I decided to pick him up and even said something about feeling him being spoiled, by having a personal driver, haha. Well, what can I say? I like to help TB’s to know a bit more about Lima. I noticed he had something in his hand and it was a Chicago shirt for me - so sweet!!! I hope I can wear it soon in Chicago, that would be awesome and now I have a friend there ;)

Our destination: Miraflores! No one of us was hungry at that time, so better start doing some sightseeing. We parked and started walking around the Love Park, Suicide Bridge and surroundings.

our first cuzquenas
I was telling Lindsay about the city and the different areas we could see from the point view. The night wasn’t too cold, so we couldn’t walk without any problems. The lights looked wonderful. After walking for a while, I asked Lindsay if he was getting hungry, if it were so, what he’d like to eat, mmm. He wanted to have seafood. Of course fish and seafood are great in Lima, but they are only served for lunch - at least in the local restaurants. If you went to a touristy one, you’d find it.

Lindsay found really nice the view of Lima at night and remembered he read about a place called Larcomar, haha. That’s the mall with the view of the sea, haha. And what a coincidence! My idea was going there, haha. So I did the perfect choice ;) We parked and took a walk in the mall. Then we went to a restaurant - Mango’s - which has a terrace with a great view.

cheers with Pisco Sour & Maracuya Sour
I was hopping we could get a table outside, but it was crowded, mmm. The girl told us, it would take 30min until there was an available table, mmm. So, Lindsay suggested to take a sit at the bar and wait there until there was a free table. Well, it was time for Lindsay’s 1st Peruvian beer, haha. I couldn’t say no ;)

We had Cuzqenas and were talking about different stuff, including recently trip from Lindsay to the Galapagos Island. He was there just before coming to Lima. And he has been eating his favorite food: seafood, haha. That’s why he asked me for that, mmm. Well, we would go for seafood before he’d leave Lima, that’s a MUST :) It was so funny his career was what once I thought I'd like to study, haha.

we were really thirsty, haha. T
What a coincidence!
He had a map of the city with him - nice! He has been reading about Lima before coming, so he knew what he wanted to see. I found it really useful, since he didn’t have much time in the city and needed to have priorities. But this night would be a quiet one ;)

Our table was ready and we moved to the terrace. Once we were there I ordered a platter of Peruvian appetizers, so he would try some food which was written on his list, haha. He also was missing the Pisco Sour. Ok, we’d fix it, haha. He had the traditional one and I got the one with Passion Fruit. Very tasty! Ok, time to update the list: Pisco Sour experience… Done! Haha

We were just chilling out and talking about our countries, places we visited and what are his plans for the next days in Lima.

with a nice fountain at Miraflores Central Park
The next day he’d be busy visiting downtown and his friend. Mmm, he’d leave Lima the 29th at night. So we would have almost a whole day. What to do during that time??? I had an idea: visiting Barranco - the area where he wanted to stay at first time - and go for some shopping - souvenirs. My help in bargain would be really necessary, haha.

It was getting late and I was driving. I told Lindsay about the big problem we had with the terrorism and that they blew a bomb in Miraflores. So in our way back to his hotel we parked in front of the park and took a walk around the square. I showed him where the bomb was blown, besides the Cathedral, City Hall and park, which looked really nice with the lights on. Well, it was better to start going, besides Lindsay might have been tired after the flight. Anyway, this was just our 1st meet.

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Lindsay in Miraflores
Lindsay in Miraflores
new friends at Mangos
new friends at Mangos
our first cuzquenas
our first cuzquenas
cheers with Pisco Sour & Maracuya …
cheers with Pisco Sour & Maracuya…
we were really thirsty, haha. T
we were really thirsty, haha. T
with a nice fountain at Miraflores…
with a nice fountain at Miraflore…
trying the Peruvian food - he love…
trying the Peruvian food - he lov…
photo by: rsvpme