A mini TB Meeting in Lima: Craig, Skylar & me

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the mini TB meeting in Lima: Craig, Yadi & Sky

I just arrived last night after being 2 weeks in the USA (and met some TB there ;) ) and I met 2 great guys in Lima! I didn't organize any actual TB meeting. It just happened, hahaha.

Sky is from Canada and we have been in touch since a while, same thing with Craig (Australia). When I was in the States I was in touch with both of them and agreed to meet in Lima once I was back. During the morning I contacted the 2. Actually Craig's phone call surprised me :) We 3 met in Miraflores, because the 2 were staying there, although they were in different hostels.

First I met Sky and he was hungry, so we went to Bembos. Yes, he had to try the Peruvian hamburger and liked it very much.

Craig & Yadi
  It was getting time to meet Craig. I told Sky about my meeting and he agreed to join me. We went to hostel and looked for Craig, but they couldn't find him or his name. We went to another one with the same name, but no luck either mmm. We were just walking around when Craig gave me a phone call. Finally we met. Craig has been busy organizing his travel in Peru and we wanted to talk about it. So I'd be able to help him and give some tips.

Craig was leaving next day early. So we just had some fresh juice and a really nice chat. Craig had a good schedule. It looked pretty interesting and I can hardly wait until see how it goes.

Craig, Sky & me enjoyed had a nice time, chatting and chilling out. The weather was warm, but not too much. So it was great to sit down and had some fresh juice. This mini TB meeting was great! I'm glad I could make it and all of us had fun.  I think this will be the first mini TB meeting in Lima. Maybe I'm just training to organize a big one, hahaha.

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the mini TB meeting in Lima: Craig…
the mini TB meeting in Lima: Crai…
Craig & Yadi
Craig & Yadi
listening carefully...
listening carefully...
photo by: rsvpme