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with Jolene at Larcomar

Jolene is a cool girl who contacted me some time ago, when she started planning her trip to Peru. We were in touch and she let me know she would be in Lima for a couple of days before going to Cusco. Although she was coming with 2 friends, she wanted to meet this Peruvian girl and so we did.

I was working when I received her call. She had problems with her flight to Cusco - which was cancelled - and had to stay 1 extra day in Lima. What should she do? Stay bored in the hotel? No way! She had a local friend. I'd rescue her ;)  The past two days she has been almost all over the city. So, I wouldn't show her around the touristy places.

at Mangos: Rom, Yadi, Jolene & Gloria, with our Peruvian Drinks
I met her at Larcomar - the mall in front of the sea in Miraflores. She was with a friend, Gloria. At first we didn't recognize to each other. So, she approached to me and asked if I was Yadi, hahaha.

Jolene and Gloria came to Lima with another friend: Chris. But they decided to split, so I didn't meet him - just by phone hahaha. Jolene wasn't expectig Lima to be so hot. So we went shopping. Well, shopping is the same all over the world and which girl doesn't like going shopping? We went to a department store, where she could buy a tank top. By the time we were ready it was almost the sunset time. So we took a taxi and went back to the mall in order to get a perfect view. We took some pictures and then started walking. We went to the Love Park and were just hanging out and chatting a lot.

So spontaneus Mini TB Meeting: Eoin, Gloria, Jolene, Yadi & Rom
Jolene and Gloria are great girls and a girly afternoon was perfect!

We went back to the mall again, in order to get something to drink. We went to a restaurant with a nice terrace and got a perfect table. So we had an incredible view of the sea. We had our Maracuya Sours - of course! They have to try the pisco. Also we had Peruvian Appetizers. While we were there, Rom called me and I asked him to join us. He's also a TB.  So this was turning into a Mini TB Meeting.

My Irish TB called me too and we decided to meet him too. He was staying nearby. After our drinks we went to Central Park in Miraflores, met Eoin and were ready to keep on enjoying the Friday in Lima. Well, this mini TB meeting wouldn't have been complete if we didn't go to my favorite bar, hahaha. We went there, took some pics, had a couple of drinks (also with pisco but with different flavors) and beer. The TB part of this mini TB Meeting were: Jolene (USA), Eoin (Ireland), Romain (France) and Yadi (Peruvian). I think Gloria is going to join the site soon. We had a blast there. It was great having the opportunity to hang out with these cool people! All of us had different experiences and so much to tell and share.

I can't describe how glad I feel about being able to meet such incredible people! I hope I'd be able to meet Jolene and Gloria (and maybe meeting Chris in person) when they came back in order to go back home.  Jolene has a friend in Lima and I have a friend in WA!


yadilitta says:
well, it happens. I miss you too girl! I guess I have to go to WA, hahaha. And I'm gonna have a local friend there YAY!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
superpouf says:
Hey... I don't know when you posted this... but I just finally noticed it! *sheesh* I'm a little slow sometimes. :-)
It was so great to meet you and Romain and Eoin. (I thought it was spelled Owen, oops.) I had such a wonderful time! I miss Peru already!!
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
yadilitta says:
Yes, it was great!!! I had a blast :)
Posted on: Feb 24, 2008
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with Jolene at Larcomar
with Jolene at Larcomar
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whats up?
what's up?
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