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Reserved for a very special person. That was for us!!!
As we agreed the night before - actually early in the morning - I met Carla & Chris today at 12:30pm. Although it was a long night, I woke up early in order to finish work and be able to meet my new friends, hehe. Was I going too far? No way, nothing is too much for the TB’s!!!  

I arrived to the hotel and asked for them at the front desk. The girl called them and asked me if I was their guide! Haha. No, I’m their friend… Well, this was just the 1st comment regarding being a guide, that I heard. During the whole day I heard it 4 times, haha! Chris & Carla showed up. They didn’t have breakfast, since they slept until late, so they were hungry, mmm. I was thinking about fish & seafood, but Carla is not a big fan of fish, so better change plans.

a healthy toast: lemonade & Inca Kola :)
Mmm, something Peruvian and big portions, mmm. Yes! I got a great idea: A Peruvian Lunch Buffet! We took a cab and drove to a restaurant I used to go while I was working nearby "El Cascajal". I'm writting a review, hehe. The area is not the prettiest, but once you go inside everything is completely different. By the way, the taxi asked me if I were a guide, haha - 2nd comment of the day ;) 

It was still early, so there was plenty space and we found a great sit. Also, not all the food was ready; they were just bringing more and more dishes. So better starting drinking, but this time no alcohol we had lemonade and Inca Kola. The cheff was there supervising everything and he thought I was a guide too. He approached to me and told me, it’d be better if we waited a couple of minutes until everything is served.

Chris & Carla with the cheff
Also he gave me the 3rd guide comment of the day, haha. He was really friendly! It was a buffet, so we didn’t expect to be served, but Eduardo (the cheff) came with a platter of appetizers to taste, haha. Mmm, the service is so nice. I think this might be a good choice for Lima Meet Up, haha. Back to the story, all the dishes were served and we started to go for the food, yummy! Our 1st round was about cold appetizers: our famous fish and seafood’s dishes - including the cebiche - sweet potatoes, stuffed potatoes, etc. Eduardo was attending that station and wanted to get a pic with us and serve everything in our plates, haha. The food was very yummy and fresh. I asked Chris & Carla if they wanted more appetizers or wanted to try the hot entrees. Well, I don’t need to say they wanted to try the Peruvian cuisine. We went to the second station. I tried to explain them what kind of dishes we had and they got small portions of different dishes.
At the Peruvian Restaurant - the 2nd station
I skip this station and went back to the cebiche and salads, hehe.

We were getting full, but we couldn’t refuse having desserts. We had been talking about the purple corn, haha. So, Chris got the purple corn pudding with pudding rice. I got it too and Carla tried the chocolate cake. Well, it was official, we were full. But before leaving it was picture time. I also wanted to write a review about the place, since it might be in my future plans. We went to the 2nd station to take a pic and Eduardo came. There was a waterfall, but it was off. Eduardo offered to take as a pic and turned the waterfall on just for our picture, haha. Thanks Eduardo!  

We left the restaurant in order to go to Barranco.

at the Point view in Barranco
We took a cab and Chris & Carla were amazed about the fact I bargained with him to get a better price, haha. By the way, the taxi driver asked me how long I have been working as a guide - 4th comment of the day haha. We arrived to Barranco, nice and quiet compared to busy Miraflores. We were walking around this traditional area. While we were walking funny things happened: 1- a group of children from a kindergarten were there with their teacher and the teacher said to them they had to say hi to their foreigners haha, we were the attraction; 2: an old woman was at her window apparently wanting to sell us candies and chocolates, but when we didn’t say anything to her she started to scream something about being part of the military and having a sword - oh!!! ; 3: while we were walking a crazy guy approached to us and started to talk loud.
The bus adventure: Carla & Chris
Well, Chris & Carla can’t say this was a common day at all, haha. We went to a supermarket in order to show them the things they had for lunch before cooking, haha.

We were ready to go back to Miraflores, but how? I wanted them to have the whole Lima experience, so we took a bus, haha. Hey! It was for cultural purposes, haha. Chris wanted to taste a nice cup of coffee, but before that we would go to visit a “Huaca” mud pyramid. We arrived to the Huaca, but we couldn’t go in. I didn’t do a good research job. They were closed on Tuesday, grrrrr!!!! I was disappointed, but my friends didn’t seem to be sad and we went to the central park in order to get a nice cup of coffee.

I know a really laid back café, where we could take a sit, chill out and just take things easy.

having a cup of coffee
Chris & I got coffee and Carla got hot chocolate. She loves sweet! That’s why she’s a sweet girl :) It was around 5:40pm and I had to go back to my office/house, also they were a bit tired. I offered to help them getting reservations for a very nice restaurant for that night, but it was already packed :( I recommended Carla another great place, but don’t know where they went at the end. The next day they had a tour in Lima, maybe we would hang out later but not 100% sure. I hope we can do it. I would always look forward meeting this sweet couple again! 

Good luck with the rest of the travel and I’ll wait for you in Lima when you are in your way back home.

yadilitta says:
not for US, haha. I can save that for Gunther ;)
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
geerbox says:
Sweet potato? probably not for you :)
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
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Reserved for a very special person…
Reserved for a very special perso…
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a healthy toast: lemonade & Inca …
Chris & Carla with the cheff
Chris & Carla with the cheff
At the Peruvian Restaurant - the 2…
At the Peruvian Restaurant - the …
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at the Point view in Barranco
The bus adventure: Carla & Chris
The bus adventure: Carla & Chris
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having a cup of coffee
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with Eduardo
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