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new buddies: Yadi & Shawn :)

Some time ago, I contacted Shawn or did he contact me? I'm not sure. Anyway, we were in touch since a couple of months. He told me he was coming to South America, specifically to Ecuador and asked me if it would be worth to visit Peru.

what? of course! But he didn't have much time. Mmm, after talking and doing some research he decided to come to Peru, well just to Lima, even if it would be just for a weekend. He found a good flight and he posted the future destination at his site. I could hardly believe it when I read it. I was so happy, that I didn't notice what he wrote. He wanted to make fun of me, hahaha.  Ok, he was staying in Lima just for 3 days, so I had to make my best to show him as much as possible and keep him busy.

with our Piscos. Shawn has one with Aguaymanto and I have a granadilla & grape one
Usually people don't think Lima is a very interesting place, but I decided to prove Lima is worth to visit.

Shawn arrived around 8pm to Lima and as we agreed, he gave me a call when he was ready at his hotel. It was around 9:30pm when I picked him up and... it was his first night in Lima, so we had to take a pisco at the right place: Huaringas! He was staying in Miraflores, nearby Huaringas. Although it wasn't late, the place was full. We had to wait for a free table - actually we didn't get any table, just sit next to the bar. While we were waiting we had our first drinks. He liked the pisco sour ;)

Then we moved to the bar and kept on trying the pisco, but with another flavor - we tried the passion fruit, strawberry, aguaymanto (a fruit from the rainforest), granadilla & grape and of course the regular one.

together at Huaringas. I took this one with the cell phone. That's why it doesn't look very well..
His favorite: the traditional Pisco Sour and mine: Maracuya Sour (passion fruit). We were hanging out and chatting about his travel through Ecuador, my travels, our lives and our dogs. He loves dogs and so do I ;) 

I was getting a bit hungry - I didn't eat anything and he just had a snack at the plane. It was late - around 1:30am. Where could we go at that time? La Super Rueda - a taco place open until early in the morning. All the customers over there are in their way to a club or coming from one, hahaha. So it was the perfect place for us, hahaha.

I just drove Shawn to his hotel and we agreed to meet next day for lunch and showing him around Lima. So, a new entry is coming...

Oh! I forgot to comment. I don't know how but I forgot to bring my camera. So bad, so bad... Shawn forwared me some pics and also I took a couple with my cell phone, but they are not as good as the ones taken with a camera :(



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new buddies: Yadi & Shawn :)
new buddies: Yadi & Shawn :)
with our Piscos. Shawn has one wit…
with our Piscos. Shawn has one wi…
together at Huaringas. I took this…
together at Huaringas. I took thi…
photo by: rsvpme