And at the end of the day: a Mini Meet Up :)

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Jenny, Harold & Yadi
After meeting Lili, I'd have another meeting. Lili joined me until Jenny arrived. Once she arrived, Lili left. We both were waiting for Harold. He and I have been in touch for 1-2 months. He let me know he was coming to Peru and I was helping him. He also knew Cinthia (another tb) and they were hanging out the last 2 days. Harold and I were supposed to meet on Friday, but at the end it wasn't possible and poor me ended going to Tayta with 2 guys, haha.

Harold came but wasn't alone. Harold came from Sidney and a friend of him "Horace" - also from Sidney - came from New York to join him in his South American adventure. Other 2 friends of Harold would join us too. We were 6 happy people ready to have fun, the goal was finding a place to hang out and chat. Where to go? Harold and Horace would fly to Cusco next day early and didn't want to drink alcohol.
happy people! Horace, Jenny, Harold, Yadi, ? & Tim
They'd rather have a coffee. We went to a nice cafe and found a great table outside.

Harold & Jenny got chocolate. I had a late and Horace & the 2 other guys got a beer "Cuzquena". Horace was hungry and decided not to look at the menu, but letting his new Peruvian friend to order for him, haha. Well, he got a Peruvian appetizer, which he liked :P. We all were talking about our former travels. Harold was telling me about his plans for South America and Horace was so excited about the Amazon Adventure. By the way, Horace is not a TB yet. He was curious about how I met Harold, haha. I tried to explain him about TB, but just said him to give me his email address and he'd get an invitation to join the group, haha. Will try to make him one of us, hehehe

It was Sunday night and I had to work the next day + I have been out since noon. It was time to go back home... We started to walk. They were going to his hostel and I where I parked my car. Before leaving we took a couple of pics in the central park. By the way, it was wet!!! haha. Harold & Horace would be back the 24th and probably would meet them again. That would be great!!!

See you soon H&H :)

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having lunch - of course Cuzquena & Inca Kola ;)
Today was Thorben's last day in Lima. I wasn't sure if I'd be able to meet him for lunch since I usually have lunch with my parents on Sunday. Last night I was commenting my mom, Thorben was leaving the next day and she told me: "Go and have lunch with him!" She didn't need to say it twice, haha. I met Thorben around 1pm and I asked him what he'd like to have for lunch. He has been in Lima for over a week, so he's already tried almost everything, just 1 thing was missing: "pollo a la brasa" (spyros chicken in a Peruvian style). I know a good polleria (restaurant) near by and we went there. As appetizer I ordered the "Anticuchos", since the minute Thorben tried them for 1st time, he loved it! So it'd be perfect having them now. We had a delicious dinner while we were talking and talking. We have been hanging out for more than 1 week. I'm sure he's gonna have a great time in the rest of the country, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina at the end of his journey.

After lunch we drove a bit around and he bought a couple of stuff he'd need for the journey. His bus was leaving at 6:00pm, so better go back to the hostel for his things and go to the bus station. It was time to say good bye. His next destination was Arequipa, but it doesn't matter where he's going next, he'd always have a friend in Lima.

Viel Glueck, Thorben :)
with Lili!!! discussing about the Meet Up, but with our drinks, hehe

I don't usually write about meeting a local TB. But this time is different. I have been worried about the Lima Meet Up and at the very end I was getting short of help. But Lili came to the rescue, haha. She was talking to Mark in order to organize a karaoke for the Pre Meet Up and we both were talking about that, well she took care of that issue, thanks!!!! Anyway, in order to discuss details we agreed to meet on Sunday for a cup of coffee, which turned to be a couple of drinks with a looooooong chat, haha.

I couldn't help it and had my lap top with me, with all the spread sheets for the Meet Up. She might have thought I'm a bit crazy, haha. We had a great time and adjusted the final details. We were talking about our "friends" and it feels so good talking to someone who knows the people you know, haha. We could have been talking for ever and ever, but I had another meeting - the 3rd of the day.... What a surprise! with a TB! haha.

Thanks Lili!

yadilitta says:
Dear, thanks for your help and nice words!!! Yes, we are gonna have a great time, starting tomorrow. Rene is also joining us, hehe
Posted on: Sep 15, 2008
Jenny, Harold & Yadi
Jenny, Harold & Yadi
happy people! Horace, Jenny, Harol…
happy people! Horace, Jenny, Haro…
having lunch - of course Cuzquena …
having lunch - of course Cuzquena…
with Lili!!! discussing about the …
with Lili!!! discussing about the…
first cuzquenas!!! Salud!!!
first cuzquenas!!! Salud!!!
mmm, my first experience with Peru…
mmm, my first experience with Per…
Horace was paying attention....
Horace was paying attention....
trying the Malta beer. He loves it!
trying the Malta beer. He loves it!
girls: Yadi, Jenny & ?
boys: Hora…
girls: Yadi, Jenny & ? boys: Hor…
Jenny, Horace & Yadi. It was wet!!!
Jenny, Horace & Yadi. It was wet!!!
photo by: rsvpme