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Sunset in Miraflores - Yadi & Shawn

Today was Shawn's 2nd day in Lima and I wanted him to see as much as possible. My original idea was meeting him for lunch and then start showing him around the city, but the plans changed...

I had a family lunch and had to postpone our meeting for later. During the morning Shawn went by own to Lima's downtown. He was just walking around and taking pictures. I met him at 4pm at his hotel in Miraflores and we were ready to go... yeah! I love being a guide for friends ;-)

We didn't have any deadlines, we could go whereever we wanted. There was just 1 thing that wouldn't wait for us: the sun! I wanted us to see the sunset in Miraflores.

Yadi & Shawn in Surco Viejo Main Square
So I decided to go to Barranco first and then come back to Miraflores. And so we did. I was thinking that it was a shame we couldn't do the paragliding and he was leaving on Sunday when he told me he would leave on Monday morning yeah! So no needing to hurry up - cool!

We arrived to Barranco, the bohemian part of Lima. It wasn't in the bohemian mood at that time, but I could show him a different part of Lima and we walked around this traditional district. He took a couple of pictures and listened to me talking about Lima, hahaha, I hope he didn't get bored... It was almost time for the sunset, so we drove back to Miraflores. We went to the Love Park and finally to Larcomar to enjoy the Sunset. He got really nice pics there.

trying Peruvian food at Mangos - of course with an Inca Kola ;)
He loves the sunsets and the different colors of the sky and how it reflects over the sea.

By that time, I noticed the batteries of my camera were dead, mmm. I was thinking about going home just to pick up new ones. It was still early for eating and Shawn wanted to meet my dog (we have been talking about our pets, since the minute we got in contact), so it was the perfect opportunity to do it! Also I had some tamales at home, in the Cusco style, and I wanted him to try them. I didn't get any pic of Shawn & Gunther - I guess we have to come back just to get the pic, hahaha. After that we drove to somewhere new, not touristy at all. Surco's old town. It has a small and cute Main Square, which looks like an old town. We were just walking around and hanging out. So he could se a different part of the city.

By 8pm we were ready and went back to Larcomar in order to have dinner.

yummy an anticucho!!!
I wanted him to try some peruvian food. So we went to a restaurant and had a dish with different appetizers, so he could try different flavors. I wasn't sure if he'd like the anticuchos (made with cow's heart), but he did it! Actually, he's like me. He will try almost everything just for the experience of doing something new. And what about the beverages? Well, we didn't want any alcohol. Also we wanted to be ready and fit for a full day on Sunday. So we had the national soda: Inca Kola - he liked it too!!!

We were just chatting and taking notes of the different things he knew and saw earlier. We spent a quiet fun day. I really enjoyed his company and think I'm doing a good job as a guide - well, he has the last word about it.

Oh! one more entry is coming...


yadilitta says:
I'll miss my buddy too... I have to look for a flight to Omaha
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
geerbox says:
I have the best guide ever and I will be sad to leave :(
Posted on: Mar 16, 2008
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Sunset in Miraflores - Yadi & Shawn
Sunset in Miraflores - Yadi & Shawn
Yadi & Shawn in Surco Viejo Main S…
Yadi & Shawn in Surco Viejo Main …
trying Peruvian food at Mangos - o…
trying Peruvian food at Mangos - …
yummy an anticucho!!!
yummy an anticucho!!!
at the garage holding the Peruvian…
at the garage holding the Peruvia…
photo by: rsvpme