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just doing the line and ready for the adventure!

Today was Shawn's last day in Lima :(  I was happy but a bit sad at same time... but I decided to do my best, so he won't forget his visit to my hometown. Maybe Lima is not the best city in the world, but hey! it's my hometown and I love it :)

As we agreed the night before, I picked Shawn up at noon. What were we planning for Sunday? While we were sending messages to each other Shaw asked me what I wanted to do the most in Lima, something I haven't tried before and the answer was: Paragliding!!! And today was the day :) Everything was perfect, not a single cloud in the usual gray ski of Lima, warm weather and most important it was the first time for us both, so we were excited about the idea ;)

We found the perfect parking place and didn't have to wait long until it was our time to take off.

I made it! Yadi & Kato
It wasn't difficult at all, because it was a tandem paragliding flight. We had a blast! Overflying Lima is quite an experience. You get a different view of the city. It's hard to explain how I felt. I just can say you have to experience it. It might not be cheap, but it's worth. The buildings (a lot have pools and I didn't know that!), the sea, the parks, the mall, the highway, etc look so great! Kato, my instructor, was telling me about his experience and tried to convince me to take a course and get my license, hahaha. We were overflying quietly and suddenly he started to do circles and go closer to the sea, wow! What an experience! You just have to take a look at the pictures. And I guess I enjoyed this experience so much, because it was the first time for me and Shawn. I couldn't have asked for a better partner.
enjoying a fresh lunch - with Inca Kola hehehe

By the time we were ready it was time for lunch. Our stomachs were starting to talk, hahaha. I was thinking about staying at the same area. But we had to drive to my home in order to get the pictures with Gunther. I wanted Shawn to try our seafood and fish. So we went to a restaurant - Santo Pez, which is near to my house. I have been there with a colleague before and like the atmosphere. Anyway, we tried the traditional cebiche - a mixto that has fish and seafood. It was fun because we both don't like sweet potato, hahaha. Then we asked for a tiradito with sauces. I remembered he really liked the Huancaina Sauce from the night before. So we got it too! and this time instead of sweet potato we got yuca - hehehe.

After a fresh lunch we went to my house in order to get some pics with Gunther.

saying good bye? no, just see you soon ;)
By the way, Gunther is my puppy :P I guess, he became TB dog, hahaha. He's a spoiled dog... Shawn played with him for a while and then we went to our next stop: the supermarket. Shawn is gonna spend a couple of days in Ecuador before going back home, so it was pointless buying a lot of stuff, just the most important: the Huancaina Sauce, ;)

I asked him if he had some room for dessert and he did! It was warm, but instead of an ice cream, we got Iced Water - Cremolada. I know the right place for them. They have amazing fruity flavors and also pina colada, hahaha. He got one made of Carambola - a sour fruit from the rain forest - and I got one of Sauco - a sort of blueberry. They were delicious. Then we took a walk through Miraflores and Shawn bought an Inca Kola T-shirt. Now he's an Inca Kola fan! I guess, that next time we meet I have to take Inca Kola with me ;)

I would have loved being able to spend more time with him, but I have to go back home and getting ready for work on Monday. I had an incredible weekend with Shawn. Every single day we made something different and most important had a great time. Quality is more important that Quantity. I'm gonna miss my buddy. In fact, I'm already missing him...

I think I have to visit Nebraska. And I will have a guide there ;)


yadilitta says:
haha, I have to update the blog from last trip. Last update was 2 days ago... still downloading pics, hehe. Oh! I updated the review of the restaurant. I went there last Sunday, first lunch back in Lima - cebiche!! and the sweet potatoes to go... for Gunther ;)
Posted on: Jan 06, 2009
geerbox says:
Hey! I havenĀ“t been checking any bog updates for a long time and when I finally do, I see this is an updated blog!?!?!? Wow, did you make a mistake, haha
Posted on: Jan 05, 2009
NicoLondon91 says:
hehe Yadi I can't also wait to try it by myself now :)
I wish u a nice day
take care
Posted on: Mar 17, 2008
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just doing the line and ready for …
just doing the line and ready for…
I made it! Yadi & Kato
I made it! Yadi & Kato
enjoying a fresh lunch - with Inca…
enjoying a fresh lunch - with Inc…
saying good bye? no, just see you …
saying good bye? no, just see you…
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ready to go...
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That's me!!! Shawn took that pic.…
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that's me again, overflying Lima
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Shawn made it! I don't remember t…
Overflying Miraflores
Overflying Miraflores
Miraflores buildings
Miraflores' buildings
The Rosa Nautica and the sea
The Rosa Nautica and the sea
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Shawn having the Peruvian seafood …
Shawn having the Peruvian seafood…
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at the restaurant
Shawn with his new buddy: Gunther
Shawn with his new buddy: Gunther
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new friends :)
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