And Mike did it! He could come back to Lima the same day!!! Yeah!!!

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Cheburashka was present the whole time!
During the whole day I was in touch with Mike, trying to figure it out if he’d be able to come back to Lima the same day or no… I was lucky I found accommodation in a B&B which looked nice. Mike sent me a message letting me know he wouldn’t be able to overfly the Lines in time to take the afternoon bus back to Lima. Oh no! He would take one at 10pm. The girl told him he would arrive around 4am, so it was pointless having a room booked, so I released it. Suddenly, he called me letting me know he would arrive at 2 am!!! OMG!!! And there were no rooms available anywhere. I was looking really worried and my dad asked me what was going on. I explained him the situation and he told me to call Mike and let him know he would be welcome at my house, to crash for the night.
he didn't want to get a pic with Cheburashka, bad dog...
Wow! These were very good news! Mike was happy with the news too and next thing I remembered was he sent me a SMS letting me know he was at the door. He didn’t ring the bell, so he wouldn’t wake up anyone. So sweet of him! Not even Gunther noticed he arrived. I told him he could sleep as long as he wanted. I’d be going next morning early to the gym and then work a while but at home. After that our Lima adventure would start.

As we agreed, I woke him up when I was back from the gym – around 9:30am. Everyone was watching the Olimpic games at home, haha. He had breakfast while I had my 2nd cup of coffee. We talked about what to do and I organized our schedule for the day, haha. Now we were ready to go. Around 11:30am we left my house and went to a Huaca (pyramid of adobes).

Mike taking pics of Lima
 Our first stop! We visited the small museum there and then climbed the pyramid. Despite it was cloudy, we could have a nice view of Lima’s financial area. I loved the fact of having an ancient building (the Huaca) in middle of all the modern buildings of the financial area. Also Mike was able to see the Peruvian dog, the one without hair, haha. Not even as a puppy this dog is cute, poor thing :(

Ok, it was almost 1pm and we were ready to move. Where to go next? I remembered Mike was talking with my dad about Peruvian food and things he didn’t taste, so it was time to fix it and we went to Barranco. There is a nice restaurant with a Peruvian buffet there, which is located in an old colonial house.

unbelievable, he tried the Sangrecita (blood) and this is the proof!!!
We had a delicious meal. While we were doing the line I met a cousin, haha. She might have thought: who is my cousin with???  Hahaha. He tried everything, and I meant everything. We had a dish called: “sangrecita” which is made with “chicken blood”. I got some of this and Mike tried it!!! His expression said me that it wasn’t his most favorite dish, but even though he did it! My respects!!!

We were full and taking a walk around Barranco was the best idea. The day was a bit cold, but we walked for quite a long time. Also he wouldn’t be able to come back to this area, so it was time for sightseeing there. Then we drove to Pueblo Libre (free town), another area of Lima, in order to visit a cool museum, full of history.

Nazca's Trophy head. this was the head of an enemy... creepy
While we were driving Cheburashka was sitting behind the windshield and a boy saw him and started to point him saying to his mother: “These old people have a stuffed bear in their car!” haha. We arrived to the museum at perfect time. I picked up this museum, since they have a good collection of pre-inca, inca and colonial pieces. I used to go there while I was going to high school and haven’t been there in years, haha. Mike has already seen a lot of our culture, so it was easier to explain him what we saw at the museum. He was so interested in learning new things about the old civilization. I felt proud of my Perucito!

Ok, now it was time to go to Miraflores, to the B&B so he’d be able to do the check in.

at the point view in Barranco
We arrived there, but something happened!!!! Last night I called them letting them now that: Mr. Michael Murphy wouldn’t be arriving that night, but he will arrive the next day. I asked them not to release the whole booking, just the 1st night, but the boy didn’t understand good and released the room totally! So, it was around 7pm and Mike had no room! OMG!!! The boy was feeling responsible of all the inconveniences and offered to help us finding a new place near by. Well, it was the least he could do, ha! He was making some phone calls and finally he found one room available in a hostel near by. It was the high season, so everywhere was packed! Finally we arrived to the other place around 9pm.

Mike’s big bag was in the trunk of my car the whole day, haha. He did the check in and was ready to go out for something to eat.

with our ice creams!
But we were still full, so we didn’t want something big, just a snack. Mmm, ok, we would go to a small Middle Eastern place to get a kebab haha. My falafel was very tasty, hehe. When we were checking the Menu, we saw: Baklava! So, once we finished our meal we asked for a Baklava, but they didn’t have them, buuuuu. I was in the mood for something sweet, buuuuu. But there was a nice ice cream store at the park, haha. So we went there. We just got 2 small ice creams, enough to taste something sweet, haha. We walked around the park while we were talking about the plans for the next day.  

It was around 11pm when I left Mike. We’d have a busy day the next day, since it would be his last day in town. I’m gonna miss him… :(

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Cheburashka was present the whole …
Cheburashka was present the whole…
he didnt want to get a pic with C…
he didn't want to get a pic with …
Mike taking pics of Lima
Mike taking pics of Lima
unbelievable, he tried the Sangrec…
unbelievable, he tried the Sangre…
Nazcas Trophy head. this was the …
Nazca's Trophy head. this was the…
at the point view in Barranco
at the point view in Barranco
with our ice creams!
with our ice creams!
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at Rustica, after lunch!
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