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he's really interested in the history

I picked up Mike earlier as expected. I was lucky I could end work earlier, hehe. So we’d have enough time for the museum. But it was too early to have lunch (just 12:15), so we decided to go to the museum and stop in our way. Mike wanted to have a salad and I’m always in the mood for one, so we went to a nice café and I was lucky again and found the perfect parking spot in front of it, haha. Around 1:30 we left to the museum. When we arrived I saw a great parking spot, but there was a major inconvenient for me. It was just for parallel parking. Would I be able to do it without damaging my car. Well, I succeeded and did it perfect! There was a cop looking at me thinking at first: “there’s no way, this girl would do it…” but I did it, haha.

The museum adventure started.

Were there owls in the Pre Inca times?
I have been there recently with Michael. So I knew how to show him around in the better way. Well, Mike is really interested in the ancient cultures, so every single small detail was really appreciated. Suddenly all my high school history lessons came to me, haha. I was happy we had more than enough time for the museum. When I was there with Michael it was late, and there were some rooms which were closed. So we missed part of the museum. But this time we had time. I was able to show Mike all the development of the Peruvian history, since the arrival of the man into this region until nowadays. It was around 4:30pm when we were ready to go.

Mike wanted a sweet and a cup of coffee, well he didn’t to say it twice, haha. We were in a different area of the city and I wanted to stay nearby, so he could visit another part of the city.
resting after a long visit to the museum :)
Well, my favorite bakery has a location around, so we went there. We had our beverages and for sweet I wanted him to try a Peruvian fruit: Lucuma. He got the Lucuma Mousse which was tasty and I got the Maracuya (Passion Fruit) Semifredo which was the perfect combination of sweet and sour. We were just hanging out and he told me about his future plans for the Peru Adventure. He might be leaving the next day and coming back in the weekend. We’ll see. I still want him to go to a Peruvian show with dances and music. It was almost 5:30pm and I had to go and pick up mom from her work. So it was time to drive Mike back home and say: See you soon, my friend! I’d be waiting for him in Lima ;)
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hes really interested in the hist…
he's really interested in the his…
Were there owls in the Pre Inca ti…
Were there owls in the Pre Inca t…
resting after a long visit to the …
resting after a long visit to the…
nice gardens inside the museum, wh…
nice gardens inside the museum, w…
this was in my history book - haha
this was in my history book - haha
my tasty Maracuya Semifreddo
my tasty Maracuya Semifreddo
Lucuma Mousse: the lucuma is Peruv…
Lucuma Mousse: the lucuma is Peru…
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