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with Duane and Shannen and another friend at the entrance of the Aquarium

Houston was my second stop during this travel and I met a new TB :) This time was in Houston. As soon as I got the confirmation I would be able to stay at least for some hours in Houston, I tried to get some tips from the TB members. Although Duane just joined the site, he offered to help me and show me around his city ;)

He and Shannen (his girlfriend) picked me up from the airport. I appreciated it really much, not only because it was his only day off of work, but also because they were out the night before and maybe were tired, but I couldn't realize it until they let me know it.

Houston is a huge city, so it was difficult to see everything just in half a day. Duane thought the best idea was going to downtown, so I could see the buildings, etc.

with Duane
We stopped in Downtown Aquarium, where I became a child again. You can read more about it in my Travel Blog, it was a great experience. Ok, I was excited with the animals, but wasn't the only one, ;)

After that we went to eat Tex Mex, had our big Margaritas and Duane a bigger Long Island Tea, wow!!!! We were talking about travelling and how nice is to meet people from different cultures and new places.  He hasn't been able to travel a lot YET, but his time is comming soon. He wants to finish the academy and then the travel time will start.  Maybe Peru will be part of his destinations ;)

Anyway, now he has a friend in Peru and I'll be more than happy to show you around my home town and give you as much information as possible when he starts to travel.  He's a really nice guy, if you have the opportunity to meet him, just do it!

Maybe I wasn't there a long time, but hey! quality is much more important than quantity. Thanks for everything Duane :)

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with Duane and Shannen and another…
with Duane and Shannen and anothe…
with Duane
with Duane
with Shannen
with Shannen
photo by: vances