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New buddies: Chris, Yadi & Carla
it was almost a week since I came back from the KC Meet Up, when I met Chris and Carla. While I was away, I missed meeting 2 TB's, but I arrived on time to meet this lovely couple. Yeah! :)

A couple of months ago Chris contacted me and we have been in touch since then. Chirs & Carla organized very well their visit to the South of the country and Galapagos Islands, so they didn't need my help for that part of the trip, but I was helpful giving him some local tips - at least I hope so, hehe. Anyway they were arriving the 29th at night, that's why we agreed to meet the day after, when they would go back to life. The flight from Australia is really long, and they were traveling almost for a whole day. But...

That night I went to the airport in order to pick up a colleague who arrived from Houston.
first toast in Peru! Salud! Chris & Carla: traditional Pisco Sour; Yadi: Passion fruit Pisco
While I was waiting for him, I saw a guy who looked like the pic I had seen from Chris. I was hesitating if the guy was actually him. Then I saw Carla and that was the confirmation. That couple, was the one I would meet the day after - so fun! I waved my hand, but they didn't see me and the driver of the hotel picked them up. Uhmmm, it would have been really difficult explaining my colleague who they were, haha.

Now, the real meeting. It was around noon, when my phone rang. It was Chris!!! It was so fun, because I had sent him an email just a couple of minutes ago. He was ready to meet. I would have loved to do that immediately, but I had to finish work, so we agreed to meet later. At 6pm I met them at the hotel in Miraflores. They were ready and waiting for their local friend.
time for the food...
It was so good seeing and talking to them finally!!! Mmm, where to start. I asked them if they didn't mind about walking and they didn't have any problem with that, so we walked to Larcomar. It's a long walk, but we have been talking the whole time, so it seemed to be short. We were talking about the customes in Peru and in Australia. There was just 1 question who made me think longer: How many TB's have I met in real life??? Well, quite a few, but everyone is different and I can't get bored about showing around my city. I really enjoy it!

Chris was a bit hungry, mmm, my idea was: time to toast with Pisco!!! We went to the Mangos in order to try the Pisco and had something to eat. I thought the best idea was having a platter of peruvian dishes, so they could try different things.
our second drink. Chris: Chilcano (pisco + ginger ale), Carla & Me: Algarrobina
They both liked the anticuchos and loved the "Papa Rellena" (stuffed potato). We were talking about our traveling experiences and having a great time. They were telling me about the flight and future plans for the trip. Ok, it was time to move. Next stop was the Love Park. We walked there and got nice pics. I was telling them about the city and showing around the area. It was almost 10pm, when I called Rom and asked if he wanted to join us. Where? No need to ask: Tayta! :)

We went to the Tayta in order to meet Romain and had a couple of drinks. Each of us had already had 2 Pisco drinks, haha. They usually have promotions daily. I asked the waiter which one was the promotion of the day and he told me they don't have promotions anymore :( Ok, we ordered a pitcher of beer and he came back quickly, just to let me know he spoke to the manager and told him I was asking about the promotions and since I'm a "frecuent" customer I could get the promotions, haha.
chilling out at Tayta!!! I was the guide, so no surprises we ended here, lol
So much fun! But we were ok with the beer. A couple of minutes later, Romain arrived and a Mini Meet Up got started. Which were Romain's first words? Welcome to MY country!!! What?!?! I just told him: You would be able to call Peru your country, when you have visited Machu Picchu. Before that, no way!!! Chris pointed that he and Carla would be able to do it before him, haha. The 4 of us were just chilling out, talking about different topics: travels, customes from our countries, future plans, travel experiences - of course the Meet Up experience was mentioned more than once hehe, food, drinks, etc.

It was getting late, 1am, so we decided to leave. Chris and Carla were tired, still had a bit of jetlag. Romain and I had to work the next day. So leaving was a good idea. I have to say that I was so happy about the meeting. Chris & Carla are the first people from Canberra I have ever met :)
yadilitta says:
Sure! If they want me to go back with a big group of thirsty TB's on September, they should do it, haha
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
geerbox says:
HAHA, a regular, they have to keep their most frequent customer happy, haha!!
Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
ratu says:
Joder! estas que no paras Yadi!

Posted on: Jul 02, 2008
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New buddies: Chris, Yadi & Carla
New buddies: Chris, Yadi & Carla
first toast in Peru! Salud! Chris …
first toast in Peru! Salud! Chris…
time for the food...
time for the food...
our second drink. Chris: Chilcano …
our second drink. Chris: Chilcano…
chilling out at Tayta!!! I was the…
chilling out at Tayta!!! I was th…
The Mini Meet Up: Chris, Yadi, Car…
The Mini Meet Up: Chris, Yadi, Ca…
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