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On the road from Igdir to Kars.
The shuttle was nice, but crowded.  The mountains off in the distance were incredible.  I tried to take some photos through the window with the landscape and the sun setting.  It was awe-inspiring.  It was a moment that I wanted to remember -- a moment where the clouds appeared to be created by an artist without the need for any scientific explanation.  It was at that instance that I knew that I had made the right choice traveling by land into Turkey.  I think that there was feeling of freedom of being on the road.  It is something that I think has been missing from my life the past few years �" the glorious road trip where it is just me and some tunes flying down some empty piece of asphalt under the changing tides of daylight and complete darkness going to god-knows-where.
Donar -- possibly the greatest sandwich ever created!
  I love the solitude of the road trip.  Granted, this was not quite the same, but it was close.
There was a student on the shuttle who started talking to me.  Everyone seems fascinated with visitors here especially when the weather is not being well.  He eventually gets off but I am joined by another native Turk who talks to me about American politics and how Armenia is pushing for the US to denounce what they deem as genocide by Turkey in the 1910s.  (As a side note, I find it extremely ironic Armenia is decrying genocide as they have caused over one million war refugees in Azerbaijan, they are occupying 15-20% of this country and they were also guilty of the mass slaughter of over 600 ethnic Azeris in Khogalin (spelling?) in two days of killing in 1993.
  According to independent journalists from around the world, it was the most atrocious mass slaughter.  The Armenians slaughter women and children and did vile things to the corpses.  I try not to get into too much of politics here as I have to be careful about everything that I say, but sometimes when I see something that I think is wrong then I have to speak out.)

The bus ride to Kars lasted close to three hours. 

I walked around a little in the evening, but it was very cold here.  I finally got a decent meal here.  Granted some meat sandwiches (Donar) but I was extremely hungry.  When walking back to the hotel some lady practically yelled “Tourisa!(or something like that.)”  and I responded with my best Azerbaijani, “Bali!  Man tourisa man.”  She ran away quickly. 

I returned to my room, downloaded my photos and watched K-1 fighting that was dubbed in Turkish (the great thing about fighting is that no matter what language the people speak, you know what is happening �" someone kicked the crapped out of the other guy).   Frankly, I am beat, but so far I have really loved this adventure.
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On the road from Igdir to Kars.
On the road from Igdir to Kars.
Donar -- possibly the greatest san…
Donar -- possibly the greatest sa…
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