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The gate into Intramuros

When I got up in the morning, I was surprised to find the headache had completely gone and my friends were more than ready to show me around Intramuros. Intramuros is part of the old Manila city. It is a small fort town built by the Spanish when they first came to colonize the Philippines. Today, it has been preserved as a historical site to commemorate the national hero, Jose Rizal. A politican as well as a poet, Rizal is the pioneer of Filipino nationalism. He was sentenced to death by the Spanish rulers for his dangerous political movement. His footsteps from the cell to his execution spot are now engraved throughout Intramuros and could easily be traced by visitors. There’s a museum inside featuring the remnants of Jose Rizal, including the last poem he wrote before his execution and one of his ribs which was pierced by a bullet as he was being executed.

The Manila Cathedral in front of Intramuros


Only a short walk from Intramuros, there’s Casa Manila. It’s an old colonial house which has been converted into a museum. What amazed everyone here was an ancient sort-of flush toilet with two seats side by side. We were told later that in the past, people apparently enjoyed doing tête-à-tête conversation in CR (a.k.a comfort room – that’s how Filipino people refer to restroom/water closet). Well, ok … but not for me, thank you. 


Although still eager to explore more, the hot weather soon exhausted me. “But it’s not hot at all,” my friends dismissed my complaint, “You have to come here in April to feel what the real hot is like.” Although the Philippines is a tropical country, apparently there’s a season here called “summer.

Following Jose Rizal's foot steps
” I suspect it is due to the unbearable heat of the season. Because the day started to become cloudy and it seemed very likely to rain, we decided to walk to dungeon Starbucks. It is named such because it’s located in the dungeon of Intramuros although the interior is not different from a million other Starbucks around the world. Still, it’s lovely to sit down with a cup of hot drink while looking at the rain outside.


When the rain stopped, we took taxi to Baywalk. It was nearly sunset and we saw a couple having their pre-wedding photo shoots there. Then I tried halo-halo in the legendary restaurant, Aristocrat. Halo-halo is a famous Filipino dessert which mixes jelly, fruit, and ice cream together. Lovely.


At night we went to a bar called Hobbit House in A Mabini Street. If Max Brenner has bald waiters, Hobbit House has dwarves to serve customers. There’s an entrance fee 125 pesos per person to get inside the bar.

miss_rain says:
krn rame-rame sih jadi rasanya aman aja =D
Posted on: Apr 19, 2008
rizky_wisnu says:
so interesting!!!, aman ya untuk cewek jl-jl di manila?
Posted on: Apr 17, 2008
miss_rain says:
difficult question there!!! =P i tried to reduce, recycle, reuse (as advised everywhere lately) but i was actually rather pessimistic it'd really help. i think the best way to control global warming should be to regulate the industrial esp gigantic ones
Posted on: Feb 23, 2008
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The gate into Intramuros
The gate into Intramuros
The Manila Cathedral in front of I…
The Manila Cathedral in front of …
Following Jose Rizals foot steps
Following Jose Rizal's foot steps
Casa Manila - the old Spanish hous…
Casa Manila - the old Spanish hou…
A quiet corner in Casa Manila
A quiet corner in Casa Manila
Sunset at the Baywalk
Sunset at the Baywalk
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