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View from our hotel room. Shame we had to leave so soon.

Lake Lucerne is a nice stopover when traveling south to Italy. Or back for that mather. Our first trip to Italy we slept in Lucerne, a nice city in the most western arm of Lake Lucerne. But driving on the highway along the rightside of the lake, we saw some delightful little villages on the mountain slopes, just inviting us to leave the well known city and the highway for what it is. 

Is it just me or is this lake big?

The complicated shape of the lake with a total of 114 km², reaches with bends and arms into the mountains. On some places the mountains rise up to 1.500 m above the lake.  Yes, the views are overwhelming. From the highway you get the feeling you´re driving from one lake to another.

Vierwaldstattersee or Lake Lucerne has many arms and bends reaching into the mountains.
Sometimes it´s there and then it just ends, leaving you the feeling when it appears again, you´ve arrived at another lake.  It´s actually called the Vierwaldstattersee. The word waldstatte has its origin in the 14th century and literally means `forest settlement`. The four surrounding forest cantons of the lake gave Lake Lucerne its official name: Vierwaldstattersee.
Some place special
Isn´t it the same every time again? That last stop on our way back is always making me feel a bit melancholic. Damn, it´s over...back to every day life, work, another holiday gone by. Not that my life is that bad, don´t get me wrong, but bags.... I just love to travel! So...to spend that last night in a place special just prolongs the holiday a bit.
Terrace of Niwaldnerhof. Photo from their website and yes: it is inviting!
When planning this trip we took the maps and searched the rightside shores of Lake Lucerne for places between the Gothard and Lucerne. That´s part of the fun, isn´t it? Next step was to google for hotels in those villages and man, there seem to be a lot! How could we have missed this for so many trips? Always driving by on the highway, you never really realise you could stop and explore those lovely places you see. We just never took the time! You´ve  got to be careful though. Review sites are a wonderful resource for hotels. Thanks to all the people who put their time and effort in the reviews we could cross out some hotels because of the noise. You don´t want to spend your night with a wonderful view on Lake Lucerne and the noise of the highway keeping you awake!
Beckenried, with two exits starting from the A2 is easy to reach because of its central location.
Niwaldnerhof, photo from their website and it´s just at lovely as it seems.
We didn´t know what to expect when we drove into Beckenried. But the village is just lovely. Despite active building activity in the last years Beckenried could maintain its rural character. All along the shore of Lake Lucerne you´ll find the cosy terraces of the hotels, directly at the lake, and it´s easy to enjoy a cosy diner.  The people are very friendly and hospitality seems to come natural. Allright, I must admit, the room was a bit small for the three of us and we could hear the neighbours talking. The furnishing was outdated big time, but hack....look at that view. It truely was breathtaking.
Taking a swim
This was our first holiday on which we didn´t book some beachdays. Being the last day of our holiday, and since we only did swim in hotel pools, Tamar and I decided we would take our change now and swim in Lake Lucerne. It´s not called a `see´ for nothing, right? From the balcony the water looked inviting, the sun was shining, we could see some children play on surfboards, some were rowing in rubber boats. Why not? The terrace of the hotel is right on the shore and provides with long stoney steps into the water. They are slippery though!  I dipped my toe in. Oh my god, I´m not going in...it´s much too cold! `Mum, don´t stall, you promised!` Let´s take the pier... any big fish in sight? Are you sure it´s deep enough to dive? I looked longingly to the terrace, I knew my book was waiting and the capuccino was about to arrive. There was only one way to get back there....we took each other hands and promised we´d jump together. With three long strides we reached the end of the little pier and jumped. It was cold, it was deep...we´d seen the fishes from the wharf. Besides that, we knew the lake was 214m deep at some places. After three arm strokes we decided this was close enough to a swim in Lake Lucerne and swam back to the stairs.

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View from our hotel room. Shame we…
View from our hotel room. Shame w…
Vierwaldstattersee or Lake Lucerne…
Vierwaldstattersee or Lake Lucern…
Terrace of Niwaldnerhof. Photo fro…
Terrace of Niwaldnerhof. Photo fr…
Niwaldnerhof, photo from their web…
Niwaldnerhof, photo from their we…
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