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The last day on Utila was spent on the beach and sunbathing, getting sweaty and salty only to find on our return that the hotel had no water and we couldn´t shower the evening before we left. By our 6am start there still wasn´t water and we had an 18hour journey in front of us. Lovley! We had decided as a group to pay more and Chimi had organised private minibus transport all the way to Leon, Nicaragua. After about 14 hours we arrived at the border. We were told that that night (last night) there were armed gangs that were carjacking and mugging passersby. All the guidebooks had said don´t under any circumstances travel at night!  We faced the decision to carry on with armed guard, that being a man with a gun in our bus: didn´t seem like that would make much difference, or to drive to the next village 10 minutes away and pay for a hotel, which we all opted to do. The worst hotel in the world. FACT. The rooms were filthy and festering with insects and only knows what was smeared on the walls! Three of us girls slept on the same bed in our sleepingbag liners, passports and money strapped to us with the door bolted. We did sleep but there was a bit of hysterical sleep talking going on and at 5am someone ramdom was knocking at our door. By daylight the threat was gone so we continued to Leon arriving this morning and having a long awaited shower. I worked out it was 60 hours without one. I did small pretty bad.
One thing that has become noticable especially in Honduras and also here is that alot of people carry guns. Not just hand guns but big machine guns and very openly at that.
The city of Leon is very interesting and steeped in history and political unrest. Some of us did our own city tour this morning, visiting the cathedral during a well attended service and a museum run by the mothers of the men, women and children who died during the revolution. The revolution which I found out was all within my life time. This afternoon involves a nap some point.
Tomorrow I´m going Volcano Boarding! Yes, sledging down a volcano on a wooden board at full speed. Brin it on
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photo by: Chokk