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Apparently there is only 3 places in the world that you can Volcano board. Papua New Guniea, Alaska and Nicaragua, so when presented by the option to through myself down the side of an active volcano on a plywood board the answer was obviously yes. The Aussie guy Darren who took us (had to be and aussie!) had invented it here and had tried different prototype boards and techniques over the last 3 years. Hoping he had refined it enough I trusted him and rightly so because it was fantatsic. If it wasn´t for the 45 minute trek up carrying the board and gusting winds then I would have done it again. We were dressed in bright orange convict suits and had goggles and one glove. The board was plywood with a metal bottom and 2 slats for arse and feet respectively and a bit of rope to hold onto. Our feet were the breaks and you steered by twitching your bum! That was as refined as it got. I breaked a few times but if I had the chance to do  it again now I know what to expect, I would go hell for leather. A couple of the boys had big wipe outs and war wounds to show for it. Amazingly I was the only one not to fall off. The ground at the top was very really quite hot. The last eruption was in 1999 and there was clear evidence of the lava flow from that.

We left straight after the boarding once we had showered and headed for Granada. It is another colonial town smaller than Leon and Antigua. It is situated on Lake Nicaragua, the largest lake in Central America (177km by 58km) It is insanly hot here and the humidity prevents any effort whatsoever! Sleeping is even an effort. Today is the only day we have here so its been a quiet one exploring and hopefully finishing my book.  One of the girls has organised an hour Salsa lesson this evening which should be very amusing and proberly quite sweaty! Tomorrow we are headed for one of the islands in the lake called Ometepe for a couple of  nights.

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photo by: Paulovic