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I wrote this blog before I left and it was deleted as a logged off. So here goes again, just to finish the story..

One of the choices leaving Monteverde was to combine the journey with horseriding around Lake Arenal to catch views of Volcano Arenal. Apparently this was the best place to ride on the trip and it was certainly the case looking at the condition of the horses compared to some of the skinny ones I'd seen. We were assigned horses, mine named something begining with P... so I renamed him Paco! I got the arsey one. Whenever any other horse came near the ears went back and he tried to bite them. Nice.

The views were amazing and after a fruit break we finally finished at the edge of the lake where a little boat picked as up to take us to the waiting bus. La Fortuna ended up being a place mainly for tour companies to set up shop for tourists, which worked for me! There was loads on offer from bungee to white water rafting. That evening we got driven to a spot to watch the lava from the volcano which is more visible at night with pizza and beers. Apparently we weren't the only ones with the same idea! The locals must of had a right giggle watching a load of tourists staring into the dark and seeing not much. A tiny glimmer of lava but by that time i'd lost interest! The bonus was going to some Volcano hot springs afterwards. There were different pools of varying temperature, some with bars and one with its very own disco ball! I had the best Pina Colada I have ever tasted. FACT.

The next day some of us went to walk 2 of the madder members of the group do a bungee. I was tempted but after looking at the fear on their faces made me glad I didn't. They were green! That afternoon I went Canyoning. 8 waterfalls, 5 which we abseiled down. It was one of the things I enjoyed most. Corey, you would have loved it!

The final day was spent buying the town out of Havaianas at $10 each. I didn't have any space so threw some stuff out to make room! The drive to San Jose took forever in the slowest minivan ever but when we got there we all cooked and drank rum. Gemma and I had wanted a Pinata the whole trip so we found one and filled it with sweets. The hostel owners son seemed to think he was part of the game because he pocketed all the sweets and hid them in the draw. Very bizarre! Some of us finished the evening at some Salsa club. I finally got to bed at 3am and was up at 5.30 (yes I overslept again. Finish as I started!) to get to the airport.

The journey was fine but I didn't sleep and felt a little ropey. I slept all day wednesday and was back at work today. Suprisingly feeling ok.

I had a really good time away despite a few moments of wanted to come back early. It was thinking time away from work and home and I feel better for it. Now to plan the next one......

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La Fortuna
photo by: jeannajumps