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This is heartbreaking! Photo by Michael Macor
Yesterday morning I headed out for my routine morning surf session to encounter a disgracefull, and intolerable sight; the beach was closed due to an oil spill that had occurred overnight.   Local health units have closed off all beaches around the bay area, there is no surf, but the most disturbing thing was to watch local wild life being destroyed!!!

A group of us, surfers,  headed to the beach and found a few ducks and birds and dead fish along the beach, my friend Megan actually ran to save one duck, but we were encoutered by the police for trespassing and gave us a hard time.  They took my camera, but fortunately some one took pictures of the event at the scene and those made into an article of the SF Chronicle.

I have never experienced this, or had seen this live... but it is just awful.   And I should get started on whose fault, who is paying for all this. I am really mad.

Wildlife at risk


-- Diving ducks such as surf scoters, greater scaups, lesser scaups, buffleheads and ruddy ducks

-- Western, eared and horned grebes

-- Common and red-throated loons

-- Western, California, glaucous and Bonaparte gulls

-- Double-crested, pelagic and Brandt's cormorants

-- Common murres

-- California brown pelican


-- Harbor seals

-- California sea lions

-- Dahl's porpoises

-- Harbor porpoises

-- Northern fur seals

-- Humpbacked whales


-- Anchovies

-- Topsmelt

-- Surfperch

-- Leopard shark

-- Smoothhound shark

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This is heartbreaking!
Photo by M…
This is heartbreaking! Photo by …
by Michael Macor
Again... by Michael Macor
Chronicle photo by Kurt Rogers
Chronicle photo by Kurt Rogers
Fellow surfer Meghan
Chronicle ph…
Fellow surfer Meghan Chronicle p…
Meghan rescuing a duck, she got in…
Meghan rescuing a duck, she got i…
You really dont want to see this.…
You really don't want to see this…