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-Phuket: Elephant rides sound cheesy but this was like Extreme 4WD Elephants! I swear I spent half the time sideways! If you're going there I'd recommend it just for the sh*ts n giggles

-Driving: although that seems like a strange idea in Malaysia a bus trip up the coast is major fun! Not only do you get to sea the beautiful tropical coastline you get to experience the quirks of 'small-town' malaysia. It's great fun to stop of in a nameless petrol station settlement and experience drop toilets, odd candies (grasshopper flavoured lolliepops anyone?) and friendly locals. Some coastal destinations include Johor Baru and Melaka.

-Melaka: is beautful, the mix of tradtitional malaysian culture and british settlement makes it one of the most beautiful towns. dominated by the Peranikan culture, arcitecture has definite european elements with an asian twist. the town is steeped in history and they make wonderful arts, craftwork and furniture.

-Genting Highlands: this is a strange place that I had never heard of before my mother was referred there by expat friends, the 'town' is a collection of huge 5* hotels, casinos and themeparks (including a golf course!) situated on a mountain top in norther Malaysia. The experience of waking up literally 'in the clouds' on the 20th storey is great fun. When the mist clears the views are senstional! Also, being on a rollercoaster that travels through mist is an experience that can't be synthesised. There was also the added bonus (and my personal favourite) of the Ventetian Themed (yes, with canals, gondaleers and everything) Shopping Mall that also contained a deceptively small rollercoaster. Despite being inside, the coaster loops around escalators and through the inner artrium at breakneck speed! Themepark rides and shopping... who could ask for more??

-Rawa and Cibu (See-boo): these are small resort islands on the southern coast, near singapore. The islands have small privately owned hotels that consist of bungalowes on the beach. Private, small and relatively unkown, the beaches are pristine (though watch out for sandflies) and the hotel owners and staff who live on the islands are friendly. Particularly Cibu, the hotel owners are family friends and they run a beautiful operation! Dinners are a communal affair with entertainment and special evenings, the atmosphere caters to children and adults without either dominating. 

-KL Towers: my experience of these as brief, it was fun but you arent allowed to go all the way up, only to the bridge around half way. KL itself is busy and crowded and sometimes dirty, although the large hotels are clean and friendly and for some reason they go all-out for breakfast!

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