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Zanzibar is one of the prettiest places I've visited.  The beaches are beautiful and the architecture is a feast for the eyes.  There are attempts being made to restore a lot of old buildings, but unfortunately there is a lot of modern ugly construction coming up as well.

Its not the most convenient to get to Zanzibar.  Your best bet is to fly in from Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, Mombasa or a few other African destinations.  There are a few direct flights from outside Africa, such as from Muscat, but more than likely you will end up in DAR and have to make your way over.  If you dont have reservations, its best to catch the ferry/boat.  Its reasonably priced and actually is faster if you count the reporting time in the airport, etc. The actual flying time is only about 20 minutes from DAR to Zanzibar.

Feast your eyes out and enjoy the cuisine.  Its always hot and humid, though evenings are nice and pleasant. Pack light, carry lots of sunblock and all essentials.  Zanzi isn't cheap, but if you are coming from the Eurozone or the United Kingdom, your money will go a long way!  Safe place - safer than DAR, but be a smart traveller and be diligent.  It is an Islamic "country" so be respectful.  Zanzibar still has its own President, even though it merged with Tanganyika in 1964 to form Tanzania.  The people are very friendly and are used to tourists. 

postaltiburon says:
Great info! Thanks for sharing. I think you just doubled my knowledge of Zanzibar!
Posted on: Feb 06, 2008
sylviandavid says:
good blog.....
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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