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Well I know you've heard it all before in my emails but here it is all again in case you feel like revisiting my Greek adventures!
 My trip began waiting in the airport for four hours as the plane was delayed and then finally setting off to Athens, I met Malena, a friend from uni, at the airport and then we jetted off to the island of Santorini. Santorini was a beautiful island with white building perched high on cliff faces above blue green sea water. The beaches have black sand or black rocks as a result of the volcano nearby. We arrived at 7 in the morning in a sleep deprived state to discover Malena's bag missing, I was a very supportive friend and laughed a lot, happy to have my bag! It all turned out OK in the end with bag "discovered" a few hours later. We stayed in a camping site in Santorini which had less than desirable bathrooms, but we were creative and made use of expensive hotel bathrooms that we came across from time to time!With less than four hours sleep between us we decided to head out on a boat tour of the neighbouring islands as we thought this might be relaxing, only to discover we had to climb up a huge volcano (still active, no sign of lava though) which was very hot for me coming from Belgium. We also took part in a thermal swim which involved jumping off the boat into freezing sea water and swimming to the island to enjoy the only slightly warmer brown water of the springs, I opted to swim in the lovely blue sea water! We had lunch on another little island in a restaurant that was over the water, I had lovely grilled calamari, much to the jealously the mangy cats that I refused to feed.
That afternoon we decided to get a donkey up the very steep steps from the port to the village at the top of the cliffs. It was very funny I imagined a string of donkeys all tied together with a lady in a large hat leading us all up the cliff, much like my donkey rides as a kid at the markets. But no we were thrown onto a donkey and it just did its thing without an human interaction, my donkey was very nice and I'm glad it knew what it was doing cause i didn't! Malena's donkey had a tendency to go as close to the edge as possible, i think it knew she didn't like heights!
the next day we rented a four wheeler and drove around the island. it was my first time driving on the right side on the road and lots of fun, thankfully no roundabouts! I was designator driver as Malena was too chicken. We had a great day exploring different beaches, walking up to the ancient city which our bike was not too happy about driving up or down as it kept stalling, Malena also wasn't happy as it was very high up and very windy! We managed to get lost several times down unknown dirt roads that supposedly led to beach but never seemed to.    
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photo by: wanderingluster