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Here is the real border
My second border crossing from USA to Mexico by foot. First was san Diego/ Tijuana.


How many people each day lose their lives trying to cross the border? People with hopes for a better life, people who risk all what they have?
Do we need borders?
Puerto Ricans can come freely to the mainland but not all are here, most remain in the island and they are very happy there.  I think most Mexicans will remain in Mexico and be happy there if the border did not exist.  But how about the terrorists? How do we keep them from coming to the US if we open our borders?
They can come anyway, they find their ways, is it  a problem for criminals to find ways to do what they are set to do?  And how about drug smuggling?
This is a complicated issue...

How many people lost their lives at the Berlin wall trying to cross from the East to the West?
Borders, Borders, Borders.
The Border
I wish for a world without borders!

Where to stay in Juares: (Hotel and Suites Maria Bonita. Read my review)

I came here on a bussiness trip. CHIHUAHUA  is a beautiful Mexican state. The people of Chihuahua is very pleasant and friendly.

I walked the three bridges between Juarez and El Paso. The downtown is the shortest.
Taxis from El Paso airport to Juarez airport are 50 to 60 dlls.
Taxi from El paso airport to downtown bridge are $25 dlls.
Taxi from Juarez to El paso airport 50 dlls. It is cheaper to take one to the downtown bridge from (100 pesos) walk accross the bridge and take another taxi at the other side. It is also faster crossing by foot  than driving as there are long lines of cars;  except form 11 pm to 4 am.
The border

If you come here for an appointment with the American Consulate read bellow:
  • Pictures for emigration purposes on Avenida Lopez Mateos are from 80 pesos to 150 pesos. 80 pesos next to Hotel  Plaza Consulado.
  • The medical clinic across from Consulate has better service than the one next to The Consulate.
  • Bring vaccination records for medical appointment to save hundreds of dollars.
  • Get at 6 am to medical appointment, bring a folding chair you will be on line for a while.
  • For the appointment carry food, you will be inside for many hours maybe even until 7 Pm.
  • Get there at least 3 days before consulate appointment to do the medical apointment first to allow  for any delays. You will probably get the medical  in one day but if you do not,  then you will lose the consulate appointment.
    From Juarez to El Paso
  • For the consulate appoinment everybody is already on line at  7:30 am when they start. Even if you have an appointment time it is meaningless,  you still have to wait in line for many hours, bring a folding chair for the elderly and food and water.
  • Get a hotel with transportation to the consulate or one in the same street, taxis are very expensive.  Watch out for peddlers and others taking advantage of so many people who come for this appointment.
  • Definetely be prepared with tons of patience, you will wait all day for the medical and all day for the appointment.
  • The taxi to the emigration office for the last step in the process at the bridge can take you for 60 dlls round trip and wait for you. That will be the final thing to do after the interview.
  • If you have never done anything illegal, have  no  diseases like tuberculosis, aids, etc and have all your documents with you then you are all right.
    On the American side
    Do not worry and have faith and lots of patience.
  • Do not come with a return flight that can not be changed, just in case you need more time.
  • Have access to more money like an atm card. Be prepared to spend more than what you were expected  in medical and the appointment itself
The following was in the newspaper while I was at Juarez.

Man hit, killed while crossing Border Highway
By Stephanie Sanchez / El Paso Times

A man who was struck by a car Tuesday while running across the Cesar Chavez Memorial Border Highway died after he was transported to the hospital, police said.

At 7:09 p.m., police were called out to the Border Highway between Fonseca and Midway, where a man had been struck by a 2006 Ford Explorer, officials said. Police said the man, who was in his early 50s, appeared to be an immigrant who had just entered illegally and was running across the highway's eastbound lanes.

Police spokesman Javier Sambrano said the Ford's driver was unable to stop in time. The driver did stop to help, he said.

The man died shortly after he was taken to Thomason Hospital, Sambrano said. "This was a pedestrian on the road who wasn't supposed to be there."

The identities of the man and the motorist were not released.

This was the city's 45th traffic fatality.

almacorona says:
I did not mean to scare you. It is not that bad, probably better than Tijuana and people are very nice, except if someone goes for consulate purposes but regular tourists are ok as a point of entry into Mexico. Chihuahua is a beautiful state.
Posted on: Jan 27, 2008
cheritraveler says:
Remind me to never cross the border between El Paso and Juarez. It sounds awful! Especially if you want to see the American Consulate. I used to go camping on the beaches near Rosarito, crossing the border at Tijuana, in the 60's and 70's with no problem. Things sure have changed!
Posted on: Jan 26, 2008
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Here is the real border
Here is the real border
The Border
The Border
The border
The border
From Juarez to El Paso
From Juarez to El Paso
On the American side
On the American side
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Restaurant at Maria Bonita Suites and hotel. Great tasty food in a very nice setting. Inexpensive buffet 60 Mexican pesos.
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