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Claremont's Folk Music Center

There are many things I love about the lovely town of Claremont, CA so you'll probably see a couple of posts on this town.  For our wedding, my husband and I stayed our wedding night in the Claremont Doubletree Hotel.  I wasn't particularly impressed with them, but there are several great hotels in town which offer other alternatives.  The ownership of the hotel we stayed in had recently changed, so it also might be worth trying out again as they had had a great reputation in the past.  My biggest beef with them was that they felt the need to empty the trash cans on SUNDAY MORNING at 7am right out side our window.  When we showed up to church that morning (yes, the morning after our wedding night) having already had a lovely breakfast at BC Cafe and getting dressed people were surprised.

Cactus from the Rancho Santa Anna Botanical Gardens
  No one understood that we couldn't get back to sleep after half an hour of dump trucks outside.  FOR GOODNESS SAKE, it was a Sunday!!!

The strange habits of the Doubletree's waste disposal aside, Claremont is truly a perfect place for a romantic getaway.  It's located near LA but far enough inland that it can be a true 'getaway' from your daily routine.  If you're visiting the area it is also a great place to use as a home base and do day trips from.  Most of the day trips I have in my blog work perfectly based out of Claremont

Saturday is a great day to peruse the quaint town shopping center which has all the adorable little shops.  There is also an enormous selection of delicious restaurants for a romantic brunch before shopping.  If you do want to go shopping, especially if you want to visit their famous Folk Music Store (owned by Ben Harper's family), make sure to do so on Saturday and most of the shops are closed on Sunday in this heavily churched town.
CK cafe, Claremont
  While nightlife is a bit lacking, Pasadena is only 30 minutes away with it's much more active night scene. 

Sundays should, in my opinion, always start at BC Cafe.  They have these amazing pancakes that are literally a foot across.  The nice thing is that their pancakes aren’t so doughy that you feel like you've eaten an entire loaf of bread afterwards.  Because of Claremont's eclectic scene, they also have a very good whole-wheat pancake and lots of fruit options as well.  After breakfast at BC, stop by the 4th street farmer's market and shop the locally grown produce.  Hero's Restaurant is a great place for lunch, make sure to take advantage of throwing your peanut shells onto their floor.  Sometimes at Lunch the peanut shells haven't built up and people are shy about this- JUST DO IT, it is half of the experience to be messy at a public restaurant.

The Rancho Santa Anna Botanic Gardens are a great way to work off all that food and see the natural beauty of the plateau and hill country around California.  The full walk takes about 2-3 hours, so make sure to leave enough time and don't forget to bring along some water as the water fountains are usually not working great. 

To cool off or relax in the early evening, CK cafe is a lovely place to catch some great (and some not-so-great) local artists and a very nice cup of Joe.  Fine dining options abound, but for a lovely atmosphere and guaranteed good music check out The Press, where local college professors and their graduate students talk deep things over lingering alcoholic beverages.

vances says:
Thanks for a great intro...sounds enticing!
Posted on: Dec 12, 2007
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Claremonts Folk Music Center
Claremont's Folk Music Center
Cactus from the Rancho Santa Anna …
Cactus from the Rancho Santa Anna…
CK cafe, Claremont
CK cafe, Claremont
photo by: KangoSuz