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Ready for take-off here. Everything packed. Work pretty much taken care of. This should be my final entry within the US. Less I find internet at the airport tomorrow. Trying to decide how to pack what documents, how many copies of this and that to make and where to put them at what time. The fact of the matter is... All I can do is try to prevent something bad from happening. If it does. Thats life. If I get something stolen. That sux. But thats the way it's meant to be. I keep trying to bring as little with me as possible, but then I keep bargaining w/ myself as to why I need this and why I need that. I feel like half my bag is filled w/ books. Language books. Lonely Planet books. Even the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. Interesting character. Figure I'll be spending enough time at airports and on planes in the next few days, I could probly finish like 4 books! As I finish the books I can remove them from my bag. Thats the deal. More I read - The lighter my pack.
Reading is def something I dont do nearly enough. Inbetween exploring everything under the Asian sun, I hope to also educate myself on a bunch of other things I'm interested in. Geez, this is proving to be a long entry. Hopefully one day I can look back and relive this day.

Till then.

clwindom says:
Have lots of fun and take a bunch of pictures!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2007
phiLLay says:
I read your journal title and thought you were traveling to the moon. Southeast Asia is a good second, especially as LA is getting colder these days. Have fun!
Posted on: Nov 08, 2007
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