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Today was once again received earlier than I had hoped. It was beginning to become a habit of waking up REALLY early. Wide awake at 430am I crawled downstairs of the hostel with computer in had to check messages and whatnot. My flight to Bangkok was scheduled for 1245 so I had to shuttle bus myself to the airport at 9.
Nothing I can say happened of great note from getting to the airport to flying to Bangkok, but it was interesting how I felt as if I was leaving another world. A country that was still under development, so different than anything I've ever experienced.
On the plane I finished the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin right before we landed. I wasn't exactly what I expected, but an interesting read and insight into the man's train-of-thought.
the mother of all songs!
I chose to leave the book behind, on the plane, to head back to Hanoi. Thought maybe a young Vietnamese boy who was just learning English may stumble upon it and feel compelled to learn a little about US culture while practicing his English reading.
I arrived at Bangkok after a short 1.5 hour flight. I was supposed to look for Achariya, but had no idea where exactly. Bangkok airport is HUMUNGOUS and state-of-the-art. After passing through customs she was no where to be found. I trekked from one side of the airport to the other, again and again. Eventually I found her standing right where I had originally came out of.
We both hopped in a cab and headed to the center of Bangkok. Bangkok traffic is pretty bad. Worse than LA believe it or not. We arrived at the place where her cousin lives and attends college. I was surprised to see that Bangkok was a far more developed city than I expected. Between the huge state of the art airport, well paved streets, and nearly everything in English, I could see why it would be such a premiere destination for so many. Achariya's cousin showed us to her place where I dropped off my bag and headed out. We went to a few different places to eat and drink. The streets were pretty wild with EVERYTHING for sale you could possibly imagine. We later met up w/ Ach's cousin's brother, Ach's other cousin, a couple other people, Ach's sister Liz and her boyfriend Sean. Had more drinks. Walked the crazy street some more. I ate a grasshopper from some vender. Lightly salted and doused in soy sauce. Not too bad. Lil crunchy. I have video of this of course. After some more food from the street(Which I couldnt eat cuz I was still feeling a bit sick from Vietnam) we grabbed my bags from Ach's cousin's and took a taxi to Ach's family's house outside the city. By the time we retired it was well into the night.
cheriecher says:
Yr writings are really good that I even get addicted to reading it....whenever it updates. :D keep it up and very look forward more & more....

Btw, guess who r the lucky one picked up yr "Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin"? (hehe...of cuz not me for sure....I wish I were thou.)
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
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the mother of all songs!
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