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Ayuthaya was formerly the capitol of Thailand. The Bermese took the liberty to sac it some time ago. Of which the King at the time fled to a city near present day Bangkok. Thats the significance. Ach and her sister decided to stay behind and go shopping at the JJ market. Another trademark of Bangkok from what I understand. It consists of many city blocks just filled with small shops selling everything from trinkets to full scale wooden elephant statues. Basically, if its in Thailand, you can buy it there.
Now, to get to Ayuthaya Sean and I were to meet up with the group at the Asia Hotel. That wasn't a problem. Once there however, finding a taxi or Tuk Tuk that would take the 7 of us directly to the train station was a bit of a hassle.
First we tried to negotiate with a van driver...
"We want to go to the train station."
He says, "Where are you going?"
He says, "I take you there"
"No, take us to the airport"
He says, "Okay..."
We all smile, satisfied.
"One stop", he says.
"NO!!! No stops!"
We try our luck elsewhere with a taxi driver.
"Take us to the train station please."
Okay. Cool. All 7 of us hop in two separate taxis. But we're not moving. What are we waiting for. He says, "Ok 20 Baht for everyone combined".
Good deal. Not sure why? Thats less than a dollar for all of us.
He pulls out a gas card. Says some shit. Im in the front seat so I'm negotiating. I say "NO, Just turn the F'n meter on". He smiles at me and hits my shoulder jokingly. Haha. Turns the meter on. Some other guy comes to his driver window. Getting very impatient, and exclaiming that we leave now...
I do the 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 w/ hand gestures and all, they both watch me in astonishment, just waiting to see what will happen. I realize quickly that this is more of a Western concept. Anyway, after 1 I said we're out. We all hop out of both taxis.
Head to a trusty tuk tuk.
We say "take us to the train station"
He says where are you going?
We got a little smarter this time. We say "train station"
At this point I'm like, "train station, yes, or no?"
"YES, or NO?"
He says yes with a comforting smile.
Then he says, "One stop"
We all decide to walk around the corner, down the street where we finally flag down ONE taxi for the 7 of us. We ask, will we all fit? He says, "Get in!"
Ha! So we all piled in head first. Good times : )
On our way. Finally.
Get to the train station. Buy our 3rd class tickets(you have to upgrade on the train) for about $1. The train comes quickly. We hop into a smelly, dirty train car. We all decide to head to the first class cabin and pay the fee when we're asked to.
Long story short, first class was another $15, and there were no seats available.
So we get bumped back to the smelly cart. Then bumped out of our seats because apparently our tickets were "standing" only. 1.5 hours later we were there.
Walked to the dirty river. Crossed on a ferry. Grabbed a tuk tuk for the day who took us back across the same river over a bridge. Nice.
We spent the whole day looking at temples from this city of ruins. Eventually the nostalgia wears off looking at so many temples. But its astonishing to think of what they used to be. Before the Burmese sacked it and cut off all the stone Buddha's heads. Seems all civilization that wishes to conquer another always feels the need to eradicate the very existence of the people they defeat. We see this pattern time and time again through-out history. In fact the history we know, is very likely not the history of the world as it happened. Just how it was written, by those who wrote it. Imagine what we don't know about.
By about 3pm we were pretty much templed-out. Back home on the train to Bangkok.
That night me, Ach and her family went out to eat. Then to the market where you can find all kinds of things. Also, I was interviewed by a couple of cute Thai college girls. They asked the questions(In English) and I answered. In English. They gave me a lil souvenir as compensation.
Then a short trip to Chinatown where I tried this swallow loogie dish. Literally, its bird spit. Its another Thai delicacy. Yay for that.
livelovelaugh87 says:
haha you're making me feel like i need to practice a few negotiating skills before i head to asia! sounds like you had fun though :)
Posted on: Jan 06, 2010
cheriecher says:
Heard abt Ayuthaya a lot, couldn't be there even once. Look forward to see it fr yr fotos... :D
Posted on: Nov 29, 2007
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