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On the train. 5:55am
EARLY this morning(4am), Ach and her Aunt were kind enough to drive me to the train station so I could catch my 5:55am train to the border of Cambodia. The start of quite an adventure.
Ach was leaving to head back to LA anyway an hour later at the airport. As usual, their kindness was VERY MUCH appreciated.
So I started out. On the train. Not even a hint of daylight yet. A 4 hour train ride to the border. I didnt sleep(For fear of losing my stuff), but read and watched as the scenery changed with the rising sun. I was in the stinky train carts again, but I didn't really care. I was on my way. It was the one last place I had to see before I left. Angkor Wat. One of the 7 wonders of the world. I was about to see why.
I think half the wonder is that you can even get there without flying.
When I got to the border, I luckily found this guy, who was a girl, but kinda manly who was also american, also going to the same place. We both split the cost of a tuk tuk to take us to yet another place we didnt actually wanna go. I needed a Visa anyway, so starts the bus scam. I'd been warned about it. It was probly safer, but a pain in the ass. Thats the whole idea. They make it as grueling as possible so when they drop you off late at night, you dont wanna walk the streets looking for a place to stay, and you're too tired to anyways. So you end up staying at the hotel they get kickbacks from for dropping you off.
Got my visa. Hopped in a really big, nice, charter bus. Drove 1 mile. Hopped out and into a smaller bus. Then drove another .5 miles. Went through immigration as little children follow you in the streets trying to pickpocket you at every chance possible.
Looks kinda like a war-zone.

They're kind of tricky actually. They carry these umbrellas, knowing its hot. They run up to you acting like they're trying to help you by pouring shade on you. Really they're just trying to get close. To steal Sh*t from you. Didn't really matter to me cuz I had my backpack all locked up.
Passed immigration. Then through some other secondary immigration in the sketchiest town you'll ever see. Polpet. I read that the best thing about this town was leaving it. They weren'y kidding. Its the kind of place where you feel like everyone is watching you, waiting for an opportunity to do something bad to you.
We then hopped in a smaller Van yet. The final vehicle.
Along the bumpiest, crappiest road I've ever seen. Dirt. Holes. Broken bridges. Classic!
We finally arrived at the Hotel after 4 hours on that road.
Only once we got to Siem Reap did the road actually become fairly paved.
I told the driver that this was not where I was staying. And that I would be dropped off at the place called Jasmine Guest House. He didnt know where that was. And didnt really care. He drove me and the man-girl down some strange dark alley to a motel. I said, this is not where I'm staying. He tried to drop me off w/ a bunch of guys that came to the van when he stopped. He said, "They will help you". I said, "F' that! Take me to the main road again!"
So he closed the door and did. We happened to stumble across the Jasmine Guest House along the way. He dropped me off and I headed in.
Of course naturally the guesthouse didn't have my reservation. And naturally, they offered to put me up at their other location across the street down some other sketchy alley-way.
I said no way.
Not traveling alone will I stay here.
I headed to the first hotel I could find. It wasn't too bad.
Got a room. Dropped off my stuff. And headed to an internet cafe I had seen on the way in.
I quickly booked my FLIGHT back to Bangkok for 2 days later. I was not going through that again.

Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
What an advanture!
Posted on: Aug 13, 2008
aswold says:
Shazam, this sounds scary but I'm going to read more anyway!
Posted on: Dec 25, 2007
tribrad says:
Now waiting for the next chapter.. Did you make it out of there? Or did a BIG monster get you? Sure, keep us hanging for next part of your life!!!!!
Posted on: Dec 10, 2007
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On the train. 5:55am
On the train. 5:55am
Looks kinda like a war-zone.
Looks kinda like a war-zone.
Shop keepers on the way.
Shop keepers on the way.
Siem Reap
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