The one and only Tatoo experience!!!

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My one and only tattoo experience!

After our training was done in El PasoTX /Camp McGregor N.M. before we headed to Iraq, we had 10 (12)days to ourselves to take some leave/liberty.    I went home to PA to visit my family and then headed back after 10 days so I could go experience a bit of Juarez.  We were warned,  no liberty without a 'battle buddy',  no traveling to Juarez and absolutely 'NO' tatoos!!! Guess what????

On Aug 10 I came back to El Paso,  and on Aug 11 I rode the bus downtown to El Paso and then walked over the border into Juarez........  I only wanted to get some good food and shop a bit, but.........   I walked in a tattoo parlor in Juarez and asked the manager if they could do United States Marine Corps symbols.

Strolling the streets of Juarez seeing all the sights!
  Well,  they didn't have any to look at so we walked down the block to a computer lab and got on the USMC website in Spanish and found what we were looking for.  4 hours later, after I scared everyone out of the tattoo parlor due to my loud groaning/screaming because I am a big baby and needles hurt, I had the most beautiful Eagle/Globe and Anchor on the left side of my back on my shoulder blade.  It is absolutely beautiful and means so much to me.  Why because I served proudly in the USMC for 12 years never got a tattoo and after 13 weeks of relentless training before Iraq, I owed it to myself!   Now I have my special memory of the beloved USMC and will have it forever!   So heres a tribute to the nice young artist from Guadalajara who took good care of me and my first tattoo experience!

homeres says:
God-dang u traveled Juarez by yourself...we werent allowed to, cuz the bounty on our heads when i did Border Security/Surviellance
Posted on: Jun 27, 2008
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My one and only tattoo experience!
My one and only tattoo experience!
Strolling the streets of Juarez se…
Strolling the streets of Juarez s…
photo by: ahtibat17