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New York City

My Trip Across the East Coast (with pictures)
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LOUISIANA 6/5/2006

State police passed us in Tickfaw while Nick and Blaine smoked. The officer turned on his blue lights and didn't turn them off until he passed us. Blaine said he peed his pants.



We waved at the Rainbow Barn. Blaine tried to pass a truck as soon as I was about to see the barn and take a picture of it. Nick had to pee really badly and I told Blaine to pass the Crystal Springs exit. He did. Nick threw a fit! In Byram we saw a Britches and Boots store. DaDa wanted Sabrina to take his bottle. DaDa cried from Wendy's to Alabama for his Pappa!


ALABAMA 6/5/2006

I used the bathroom in Eutaw with no stalls and only a wall to cover me. An 18 wheeler burned to the ground. All we saw was 18 wheelers on the other side of the interstate. Traffic stopped on their side. Sabrina slept across the whole back seat. I talked to Stormy Gail.


GEORGIA 6/6/2006

In and out, 16 minutes!


TENNESSEE 6/6/2006

We got a room in Chattanooga. The next morning, we went to Raccoon Mountain. I wanted to go in the cavern. Nick wanted to pan for gold. We couldn't because the babies were with us. I took a picture of DaDa and Nick by the rocks. I bought DaDa candy and he slapped it out of my hand. We started drinking. Nick wanted a picture of a disco ball looking thing. I talked to Gayle. Blaine stuck/BJo stuck!!! LOL!!!!


VIRGINIA 6/6/2006

Sabrina, Nick and I rolled down a hill in Bristol. We took pictures under the state sign. We ate at Subway. Blaine got pulled over for speeding. Sabrina kept calling the female officer baby. She didn't like that. Sabrina said she needed milk for her baby. The baby had a full bottle in his mouth. We were all drunk as hell. Blaine told the cop that I was the most sober. Our tint was also too dark. We were ready to get out of Virginia.


WEST VIRGINIA 6/6/2006-6/9/2006

6/6/2006 - 20 miles into Interstate 68 we were going 80 and 90 mph down hills. People were cussing us out and honking their horns. They were mad. We had to go 85 in the slow lane. We stayed at the Charleston Town Center Marriott. We spent the evening in the pool and whirlpool.

6/7/2006 - I watched the sun rise over the mountains from my balcony. I fed Josh a bottle. Breakfast in Concierge Lounge. Joint Commission Conference. Wendy's for lunch. Mountain drives. Saw 5 deer and a rabbit in the cliff of someone's back yard. Ate at Long John Silver and had ice cream from a TCBY in Subway. I took a picture with ice cream and a lady laughed at me. Went to Concierge Lounge. DaDa ate everything.

6/8/2006 - Sabrina and the babies went home at 5 am on an airplane. I went to the Joint Commission Conference. Nick, Blaine and I went to the West Virginia State Capital.

6/9/2006 - Joint Commission Conference. We ate at Biscuit World for lunch. Awesome!!! Right after my conference, we decided to drive on to New York and not waste any more time. Saw tons of mountains. West Virginia was beautiful.


MARYLAND 6/9/2006

We stopped at Youghiogheny Outlook Rest Area and took pictures. It was beautiful! We saw Watch for Wildlife signs. (Elk and Bears) We saw a Chainsaw Carving Festival. I saw a farm of lamas. I said I need a plunger for my ears. Blaine said it better be a new one.



This was the longest state of the trip to me. Me and Blaine took a picture under the sign. We got lost as hell somewhere between Hwy 220, the Turnpike and Exit 1. We were on the Hwy and Nick said take Exit 1. Blaine got really mad and said, "This ain't no interstate!" We saw a deer chillin' out in an open field. I peed in a weird bathroom that stunk. It was long and just weird. We went through tunnels under mountains. I was scared. There are signs to tell you to take off your sunglasses and turn on your headlights. We saw a sign with a K-9 that said Drug Dealers Not Welcome. I took a whore bath and changed clothes in the back seat because we were getting close to New York. I went in a store and a napkin scared me. Some dude said I scared him. There was a vending machine style scratch off lottery ticket dispenser in there. We thought the Turnpike toll was $50. It was only $4.75.


NEW JERSEY 6/10/2006

Thank you Jesus, we are no longer in Pennsylvania!!!! We passed up the New Jersey sign and couldn't get a picture of it. I don't care because we are out of Pennsylvania. That was the longest state of the trip! (Or at least it felt that way.)


NEW YORK 6/10/2006

Everybody should see the New York City skyline before they die. It gave me chills! Times Square, the Statue of Liberty, horse and buggy rides, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, MTV, David Letterman Studio, We had to pay $6 to get there through the tunnel. Taxi cabs are crazy. Limos were everywhere. I called my Mom at 3 am to tell her how awesome it is! Im in love with New York! I know where Ill be for Christmas!!!!!!


NEW JERSEY 6/10/2006

Back through, I slept! I'm ready to be home. I've seen New York. I'm happy!



Back through Pennsylvania. I slept. I didn't want to see that state again. I missed Philadelphia. But I peed at the Hilton.


DELAWARE 6/10/2006

Cinabon, never again!!!!   SWEET!!!


MARYLAND 6/10/2006

Nick slept the whole time. He didn't care about the Baltimore Ravens.



The Washington Post, the White House, the US Capital, the United States Treasury, Coyote Ugly!!! Lost again!!! Blaine Said I need to get in the back seat because I cant give directions. Went in the Washington DC Info/Visitor Center to pee, Blaine had a pocket knife and set off the alarm. I called my Momma! We passed by bumping Bone Thugs-N-Harmony while a news crew was filming. They were giving a free tour of the White House Gardens and Grounds. They only do that 3 times a year. We didn't go because we were too tired. Hell, we couldn't even find the freaking White House. A fella crossed a fence and a guard said, Don't jump anything at the White House. An Arabian lady cried at the Jackson Monument.


VIRGINIA 6/10/2006

Blaine finally went to sleep. Nick and I went in a store with vegetables everywhere. That mug STUNK!!! We stayed on a Hwy called 29 South that never ended.



Blaine was sleeping and looked up at us. He said, "Hey! What are yall doing? DON'T DO IT!" He laid back down smiling. Nick got pulled over for going 70 in a 55. We were really going 80 and the cop wrote down that we were going 65. I wanted to see Charlotte...I didnt quite stay awake long enough.



I don't remember anything through South Carolina. I must have slept through the whole state.


GEORGIA 6/10/2006-6/11/2006

Who cares!!! I didn't get a picture of Atlanta cause I took a picture of Nick sleeping in the back seat instead. Atlanta was pretty. Nick said he hates Atlanta!!! He didn't wanna wake up until he could see Brookhaven.


ALABAMA 6/11/2006

I drove across the entire state of Alabama. I could not stand another second in the car. I drove through Birmingham. And through all the stupid road work. Blaine and Nick slept.



I drove through Meridian and saw a sign saying Jackson 87 miles. I couldn't drive anymore. We stopped in Fernwood at around 4:30 am. My mom got up and heated us pork chops, mashed potatoes, gravy and squash. She even cut us up some tomatoes and cucumbers. We were starving.


LOUISIANA 6/11/2006

OH MY GOD, we are home at last!!! We slept!

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New York City
New York City
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