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New Year 2006


After a year of university I was wondering what to do. I didn’t want to waste another 4 years of my life getting pompous and over-educated. So I did some research and called up a few universities around the country. Two universities would accept me in their BA course for Chinese language as a third year student on account of my HSK score. It didn’t seem challenging as the BA only was to get a level 6 HSK score and I already had 7. I was thinking “what’s the point ?” why should I waste my youth sitting in a classroom? Is a little bit of smugness (for a piece of paper)worth two more years of propaganda?

Well if I wasn’t going to study I might as well work. Not in at a clock-punching daily grind that most people go for that’s not for me.

hospital patients
I’ve worked in the service sector and I have deep desire to serve. Yet, how and who should I serve? I didn’t feel like spending my life making food to those who were already full or shelter to those who had plenty. Neither did I want to waste my time with ungrateful basket cases.

I was facing some tough questions. What was I going to do with my life?

I thought about my life so far my good times and bad ones. I came to realize that the happiest times for me were times spent contributing. Giving of my time, service, aid, and most of all care. The year I spent as a high-school exchange student in South Africa (I spent a lot of time working in the black townships) especially stood out.  

Growing up in undeveloped countries, in sometimes-rough conditions, never seemed to be fun for me as a boy.

gypsy boy
Yet now as a man I came to realize how much colour those experiences added to my life and how they shaped my character the way no hometown school could. I often took it for granted how good it is being a citizen of a developed nation. Just the ability to think of things other than how to get your next meal is a privilege most of the world doesn’t have. It goes without saying of course human rights, freedom of any sort, a passport that allows you to travel the world freely are all alien concepts for a vast majority of the world. Why waste opportunities God gave me on a dull and sedentary life at home?

I made a decision to try again in the 3rd world to make a difference. I know the way it is out here. Idealism and blind belief in humanity doesn’t appeal to me, I’m not out to feed the world. Balance, focus, and practicality are things to go for. I believe people aren’t going to change their physical lives unless there’s a change of heart. I can’t change hearts, I’m only human, God has to change them. I believe a physical as well as spiritual change is needed for a happy well-adjusted life. I would learn more with time.

I would start in Thailand.


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hospital patients
hospital patients
gypsy boy
gypsy boy